Prepare for the Unpredictable

I have been reading Psalms 119 for a few weeks now.  I have been touched by the transparency of David.  It’s like he sums up all his life’s experiences in a single chapter.  Granted it is a long chapter, but it is so incredibly powerful and insightful.

This morning as I was preparing for the Love and Respect class that Cora and I co-lead with Tony and Julie, God really impressed on me the thought “Prepare for the Unpredictable”.  I don’t think it was so much for me as it was for the Love and Respect class.

I shared with our friends that God is the God of creation.  God created the heaven and earth.  He is big enough to provide everything you need for a fulfilled marriage.  Remembering that He is without limits we have to assume much of what He does is unpredictable.

That is the challenge.  Knowing much of His work is unpredictable, how can we prepare?  For Love and Respecters it is taking ownership of the principles and practicing them.  Then when the partners find themselves in a challenging situation, principles of Love and Respect will automatically kick in.  You don’t have to struggle and try to figure out how to fix things.

Just admit you were wrong in making your spouse feel unloved or disrespected.  Ask forgiveness and enjoy the opportunity to see God at work.  It is awesome and the payback enormous!  The unpredictable just became predictable.