My TV turned to SNOW! It’s a miracle!

Last night my TV was working fine. This morning all I see is snow and it is not even winter! A friend gave me a converter box. He says it will magically turn the snow into a picture. How can that be? Snow becomes a talking picture?
I’ve been hanging out watching the snow. It’s not too bad. It differs from channel to channel. I’m thinking about keeping the snow and ditching the picture. Does anyone else out there also refuse to convert snow to talking pictures?
Seriously. Who else prefers snow to the current programming?
snowed in San Antonio

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

4 thoughts on “My TV turned to SNOW! It’s a miracle!”

  1. Hi Archie;

    Personally have not watched television in three years and two months ago canceled my Satellite service and and have to say no one in this household seems to miss it.

    I have one advantage over you. For six months I get the real stuff every year. Snow that is 🙂

  2. Although we have yet to get a converter box, the real issue is snow…when you’ve lived with snow most of your life in Buffalo, NY, then the thought of it is not pleasant.
    I do agree with you that snow is prettier to look at then the picture, but that’s the only way I like it…to look at it!
    Been reading your blog and enjoy your commentary and views!
    Have a blessed day.
    Oh, btw, you do a great job at GPC!

  3. Thank you Daune. You are kind. As for the snow, it is still snowing. Watched the 1st half of John Wayne, “The Cowboys” tonight with Cora and Jalepeno thin crust pizza. It’s $5.99 on Mondays!

    As for Buffalo, drove there once when I was kid in the army. Buddy and wives drove from Huntsville, Al to Buffalo and back for the weekend. Pretty crazy. Swam below Niagara Falls. That was even crazier. Ha!

  4. Thanks for the pizza tip, although I’m not big on jalepenos! Remember, we’re chicken wings and plain pepperoni pizza up north!!!
    Yeah, that was a crazy trip you had and swimming below the Falls was even crazier with the undercurrents…must be God’s grace that you survived to tell about it! Kinda like going over the Falls in a barrel and living to brag…not too many people can say they’ve done that!!!
    We’ll probly have the snow for a while…we just do Friday family movie nite and then don’t watch any t.v. during the week, other than a movie.
    God bless.

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