When does church become organized religion? I’ve been in church where the religous experience was great but the spiritual experience was in the toilet. One church i was in passed the hat on the end of a long stick. That was cool although i couldn’t figure out if they didn’t trust me or i was contagious.

It might be fun if you cared to share some of your “religious” experiences.  Here’s another memory.  I  was traveling and dropped in on a small church.  They had already started their experience.  I sat down in a chair backed up against the rear wall. A rather religious elderly type, told me I couldn’t sit there.  I said, “Thank you and left”.

I have more but will give you a chance.  What’s your experience?


Worshipped at Connection Church

This morning I stopped off to worship at Ikki’s Connection Church on
the way to worship at Grace Point. Learned it was ok to believe in God
and be myself. Seems this is contrary to most Christian thought. If
you DO church on Sunday you got it wrong. IF you are a believer in the
way… You are the church 24/7…

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Casa Bethesda – An Orphanage in Piedras Negras Needs Your Help.

Yesterday, a team from our church made a trip down to Piedras Negras, Mexico to visit the Casa Bethesda Orphanage for handicapped children.  Pastor Paulino and his wife started this orphanage about 15 years ago with a God Spot.  For those of you new to 37stories, a God Spot is a specific time when God authenticates His presence and I get to blog about it.  The story goes like this and I apologize for any inaccuracies due to translation or my memory.

Pastor Paulino was pastoring a church in Piedras Negras some 15-20 years, ago.  People would bring children to the church and ask for help.  They were unable to help or possibly the people thought help was an impossibility.  The church was poor financially.  But children kept coming and the Pastor had to turn them away.  Then, one day about 15 years ago a God Spot happened.

A lady brought her handicapped boy to Pastor Paulino and instead of asking, she said, “Here is my son.  Take him.”  This was the first person to bring a child and not ask.  She told the Pastor to take him.  Pastor Paulino’s interest was peaked, but again he said, “No”.  The lady said, “You don’t understand.  I was at home about an hour from here.  An uninvited man knocked on my door.  He said to go find Pastor Paulino in Piedras Negras and give him your son.  I have found you.  I give you my son.”

This was the beginning of a ministry to poor orphaned handicapped children and a love direct from God.  Today the pastor and his wife care for about 20 children.  Their handicaps range from retardation, cerebral palsy, tourettes, autism and the list goes on.  Most of the children can not talk.  Can you imagine the difficulty of caring for a single child with physical needs and can’t communicate with them.  Now multiply that times 20.  Without God it is an impossibility.

The orphanage’s finances are challenging for the pastor and his wife.  Possibly, you might want to help.  I know some of us visiting for the day, emptied out our pockets.  If God puts it on your heart to help, here is his contact information.  He has many needs.  Money, wheelchairs and diapers are high on the list.

Piedras Negras,
MexicoContact & Support Information
Casa Bethesda
PO Box 3083
Eagle Pass, Texas  You’ll find 37stories there and all my friends.

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