I feel like a pit bull on a chain!

I use to buy and sell ugly houses for a living and sometimes I'd run up against a crazy glassy eyed pit bull.  Not just run of mill crazy, but junk yard dog mean.  You know, the kind Jim Croce use to sing about. 

One time I was inspecting a vacant house in a bad neighborhood.   As I swung around back there was the ugliest, meanest pit bull dog I had ever seen and it was running full speed at me.  I knew I was only going to have one chance to save myself with the swing of the big flashlight I had.  As the pit bull charged, I made note of the chain link fence between he and I.  I was feeling more comfortable with my future when I saw him heading for the hole in the fence, only he knew about.

As he darted through the hole at breakneck speed and only a few feet away, the chain he was tethered to jerked his neck so hard I thought it was going to break.  It definitely slowed him down enough to consider walking meekly back into his yard.  I can testify to what an adrenaline rush feels like.  Ha!

i say this as an introduction to a thought and a question I don't have an answer to.  I'm hoping you might.  I'm contrasting the thought of serving a God of "just enough" versus serving a God of "abundance".  I've seen God work both ways, but it seems more times then not He is a God of just enough.  Have you noticed that? My dad use to say, "God is never late.  God is never early.  God is always on time."

Here's my thought and I'm hoping you will help me work through it.  I think you serve a God of "just enough" when you do what you want to do and then ask God along for help.  I think you serve an abundant God when you see where He is working and He invites you to step into His work. 

What do you think?  I think this principle if true, could be one of the most important truths to incorporate in my life.  So tell me….

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

6 thoughts on “I feel like a pit bull on a chain!”

  1. Hi Archie;

    “I think you serve a God of “just enough” when you do what you want to do and then ask God along for help. I think you serve an abundant God when you see where He is working and He invites you to step into His work.”

    It is a deep question and thinking I know you a little by now I would say for you the latter applies even though you may feel you are the former.

    Archie, it is an all or nothing thing faith is. Even if it is an all thing, the doubts and pressures will attempt to detract.

    There is evil in this world and it effects every one of us to varying degrees.

    Maybe that is life, who knows.

    However, if you choose the latter, will it tear you down or build you up?

    It is a good question my friend. 🙂

  2. Interesting question, makes you think. I think it could that there is more than way to look at this question. What might be just enough for you & I may be an abundance for another. For example my church does missionary work for an orphanage in Africa. It is sad to see how they live. Walking over a mile one way to fetch clean water once a day. Eating the exact same thing everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is if there is enough for more than meal a day. Babies sleeping on mats on a dirt floor. So our missionaries come back saying that even though these folks have so little they worship the Lord with a passion that surpasses most Americans. When we raised $30,000 at Christmas it was enough to feed them for a whole year. That was a God of abundance. Though to many of us that would be just enough. So I guess it depends on where your standing.

    I think that God will always provide just what we need right on time. Which most consider “just enough”. In my personal that has always been true. And I am so grateful to Him. Maybe God only gives us what we can handle depending on what we do with the things He does gives us. It reminds me of the parable that Jesus told about the master going on a trip leaving each of his three servants with a different amount of money. The first two doubled the money they were given while the third buried his in the ground. The master was not pleased with the third’s actions, therefore not entrusting with any more responsibility with his money. The other two were rewarded with more responsibilities because they had made wise choices with how they handled the money they were entrusted with. So I think that while God will always meet our basic needs, He will never bless us with more than He knows we can handle. I know personally He is “the God of just enough” because I am terrible with my money.

    Just a thought.

  3. Krizti, Thank you for your well thought out response. I believe everything you have to say and my experiences parallel your thoughts. But, I also believe there may be more. It seems my difficulty in believing there is more is because of the lack of conscious experience on my part participating in “the more” or God’s abundance. I’m ok with being wrong, but it seems disappointing to me to consider, “is this all there is?”

    I too have considered the starving children and considered how can we say they have opportunity to experience God’s abundance? I resolved that conflict in my mind with a redefinition of abundance. I define God’s abundance as “the perfection of God’s will and purpose in one’s life”. So no matter how poor, how sick, how deprived or even how rich, we all have opportunity for abundance.

    As I think out loud, you may have reinforced a thought. So for me to say, in God’s abundance (perfection of His will and purpose) He has provided just enough. This rings true. Thanks, but I’m not quite ready to concede totally.

    For those following this dialog, think about the desires of your heart.

    Serving the God of just enough: Suppose I want to treat my bride to a vacation on a cruise ship for our 37th anniversary. I book the cruise knowing I don’t have the money and trust God will provide. It’s likely with regards to the previous line of thought, God will provide just enough money at the last minute to get on the boat.

    Serving the God of abundance: Supposing, I didn’t book the cruise and instead prayed for God’s richest of blessings and allowed Him to work a miracle on my and Cora’s behalf for the best abundant anniversary celebration ever. Would it be better than the cruise?

    To clarify:

    Serving the God of just enough is in my mind stepping out on faith that God will come alongside.

    Serving the God of abundance is patiently allowing God to step out and inviting me to come along.

    Am I right or wrong? Does anyone have any experience at being invited by God to step into where He is working and been provided for abundantly?

  4. Although a cruise would be a nice way to spend your 37th anniversary. (By the way congrats) I think is more of a want than a need. So therefore I would not book the trip & have faith that he will bless you with the money at the last minutes. Wouldn’t that be assuming God’s will? I think I would tell God how much you would like for your wife to an awesome anniversary present and a time to remember asking Him to guide you in the right direction. Maybe it is not God’s will for you to go on a cruise. We might not know his reason for this but his reason is better than our own. What if the ship sank or a flu epidemic broke out? That’s not something that is likely to happen but what if? If it were me I would ask God to show me His will for giving my wife a memorable anniversary. The Bible says if you ask you will receive. It works for me.

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