12 Christians killed. 20 Churches burned. 1 Islamic leader dead.

LAGOS, Nigeria, Aug. 7 (Compass Direct News) – With 12 Christians, including three pastors, confirmed killed in rioting ignited by an Islamic sect opposed to Western education, the Christian community in northern Nigeria’s Borno state is still counting its losses.

It is said the Islamic people in America are peace loving.  It is said the Christian people of America are peace loving, also.  I’m willing to believe both can be peace loving, but there is a disconnect with the world’s experience on Islam.  There are daily reports of Islamic sects killing Christians, but I have not seen any reports of Christians killing members of the Islamic faith.  I wonder why that is.
I have to admit I am confused.  The Islamic people I see in the US seem to be ok.  I don’t see them carrying guns and shooting people or cutting them up with machetes.  Some do wear masks and I’d prefer them to assimilate a bit better, but being different is not bad.  It is just different.
My confusion is how do the people of Islam get so confused that they think killing Christians is a good thing.  I’ve never heard of Christians getting confused and think killing Moslems was a good thing.  We both have books of faith, yet one finds strength in killing while another finds strength in being killed.  It is all so confusing.
I know I am rambling just a bit, but the thought is stuck in my head.  If I am a peace loving Christian and I become fervent in my faith, growing strong and fanatical about my beliefs, I become more peace loving.   There may be some exceptions, but for the most part that’s true.  Yet if I am a peace loving believer of Islam and grow fanatical about my faith, I want to kill Christians.
Have I missed something?  This isn’t meant to bash Islam.  I just don’t get how you become totally consumed by your faith: one person is driven to kill and another person is driven to be killed.  Both are ok with the outcome.


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

12 thoughts on “12 Christians killed. 20 Churches burned. 1 Islamic leader dead.”

  1. Christians don’t make a habit of killing Muslims because Christin have not yet awakened to the threat they face. Once they do, they will exterminate the Muslim vermin unto the last misborn crotch-dropping.

  2. jonolan – I read your most recent posts in your blog. You are articulate and insightful. Your post at 37stories does not do you justice. You are much smarter than that. I have not deleted your comment, because I believe my God big enough to take car of himself.

    However, I do believe you have missed a very important point. A Christian (ie believer in the way) should only be obedient to God’s will and purpose. It seems unlikely that the new testament Christian’s walk will lead him to exterminate anyone.

    Likely, it will only lead toward a desire of a Godly peace, if not in this life in the eternal life that is promised.

    That being said, I don’t rule out the possibility of extermination of you and I if we do not fall out on the right side of God’s judgement.

  3. 37stories,

    Not everything must or should be said in “fine” prose. Somethings and some thoughts benefit more from blunt speech free from nuance or weakness. This topic is one of them.

    You say that a Christian should only be obedient to God’s will and purpose. Is it then your belief that your God’s will is that you should die at the filthy hands of Muhammad’s cultists?

    Frankly I don’t believe that the bulk of the world’s Christians agree with you on that. Once they truly realize the threat they’re facing, they’ll do something about it.

    Or does that make them “less-than-Christian” in your eyes?

  4. jonolan.. Thanks for the response. This line of thought is important to me. So, the dialog is not meant as a means to win you over to my line of thought or belief. It is my desire to understand. I posted my blog according to my beliefs and experiences. Admittedly, I live a blessed and sheltered life in America. So from that exposure I write.

    I met a couple from Nigeria yesterday, by chance if there were such a thing. We had a brief conversation. I was told in Africa the Christians (defined as born again believers) have tired of being bombed and killed by the fanatics of Islam. They are fighting back now.

    I need to take a step back and consider what this means. I don’t have an answer. I have many questions….

  5. As for “less than Christian”, it can’t happen. You are a believer in Jesus Christ as the son of God and recognize Him as the only way or not. There is no more or less. The meaning of the word Christian has been hijacked.

  6. I’ve hears variations of that sentiment; “You are a believer in Jesus Christ as the son of God and recognize Him as the only way or not.” I’m curious as to your personal meaning for that phrase.

    I’ve heard it too often as a means of one group of Christian’s divorcing themselves from those they viewed as sinners.

  7. jonolan. The sinner part is easy. We are all qualified and competent sinners. It doesn’t matter what you and i believe, we just are. There is too much bad in the world to not take responsibility for our actions and own up to the fact that we contributed toward it. Anyway it seems reasonable to me.

    Explaining the quote is a bit more troublesome and frankly I’m not smart enough to prove it. So, all I can do is go with personal experience. There was a time when I was not a child of God. I was a sinner and I still am a sinner.

    The difference in my life is that when God opened my eyes to what His Son did for me on the cross and then beating death 3 days later, I asked God to forgive me from my sin and accept me as I was. I didn’t have to work my way into His good grace. I just asked. He answered my plea with a revealing of His presence and I have never been the same.

    So you can argue the point, if you desire. You might even win the debate, but you can’t change my experience. It is what it is…

  8. Good Morning Archie and Jonolan;

    Interesting dialog. Interesting story.

    Archie, Christians and believers of every faith known to man have had extremists willing to use force and terrorism to prove its point.

    The issue is not of of religion as much as socio-economic and of education as I see it. Those frustrations lend themselves to people being manipulated quite easily in performing acts of desperation if you will.

    Josef Goebbels proved how effective propaganda works prior to the second World War.

    My first mother in law, a Ukrainian descendant, “hated” Jews and North American Indians. My partner was an Indian and she liked him.

    We discussed the Jew issue once and I asked her point blank, do you know any Jews? Has any ever hurt you personally? She didn’t, but the look she gave me was not pleasant.

    Christians as well as Muslims in their marketing philosophy are so intent on showing people a better way, they often ignore the culture and the beliefs of the people they try to convert.

    It is a one way street many times with people of “faith”, and yet their is no evidence aside from personal feelings of peace and or joy they experience once in a while to corroborate their beliefs.

    I know of what I speak as I was once a Christian.

  9. Ich. For my benefit and the benefit of my readers, might you define what a Christian is? You know me well enough to know I am not “baiting” you or maybe i am? As for “no evidence”, apparently you have missed the whole concept of “God Spots” or is that you baiting me? 🙂

  10. Hi Archie;

    I am not baiting you Archie.

    There are two different types of Christians that I am aware of, those who see Christ as a Prophet, and those who See Christ as a Savior through his death and who deem Christ to be on equal footing with divinity.

    I used to be the latter, then slipped to the former and an now re-evaluating it all.

    It appears mankind requires an anchor of sorts, or many do. It helps them deal with life on a day today basis.

    Something they can visualize and relate to. For many, Christianity suits their needs and people have adopted other faiths as well.

    When discussing this with most Christians who are taught that the bible is inspired or the Word of God, they say, but it requires faith.

    I have faith in the fact I know I am here and live on this planet with an atmosphere we can survive in, which is a genuine miracle.

    There is an order to life and much is predictable, such as birth and death.

    I think the straw that broke the Camel’s back for me is gender. The African lady who broke a world’s record now has to take a number of tests to prove she is “more” woman than man.

    My son is gay. He is a twin. He has always been effeminate since he was old enough to walk and is a handsome man. He came out at 14.

    I am not gay and I remember the passage in the old Testament about man lying with man.

    The only reason gays are not accepted is because of writings they refer to as God inspired.

    Well, my son was created on this planet too. Who am I to say he should abstain from a normal relationship while here? How do I know God inspired or wrote that?

    Does anyone have any evidence that God did all the things they claim God did. From Christ walking on water, to the flood, to turning the water into wine, any of it?

    Would we buy a house because someone says its there and pay cash without seeing it first?

    We were created with brains. All religions are based on faith in stories. I look at this world and wonder why God does not speak to man like in the olden days.

    Unless it never happened.

    There is ample evidence that scripture has been edited and appended to over the ages.

    Man always has an excuse for that.

    God doesn’t need someone to edit inspired writings, does God?

    This is not meant as baiting or insult. I throw it up here so you know where I come from. I know you won’t agree, but that is your right.

    I am happy to agree to disagree 🙂

    I enjoy your friendship regardless, and no I am not evil or going to go to hell 🙂

  11. Robert, I appreciate your honesty and transparency. I really do. You’ve written a lot and I need to chew on it a bit. I’ll try for clarity and respond this evening or tomorrow. Your son is blessed to have a dad such as you with an understanding and loving heart.

  12. OK Ich. I’ve thought about it. Nothing has changed. I think there will be a time in each of our lives when we undisputedly need God. Let’s hope He is there when we call. Thanks for the post and God bless!

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