I am a blue blood believing baptist boy chasing after “IT”.

facebookIt seems like a life time ago, a pastor friend and I were on our faces before God crying out.  “God.  Whatever you plan on doing.  Please don’t let us miss IT.”  In God’s grace and timing I think He has chosen to allow each to participate in “IT” as best as we were prepared to engage.  He’s grown us along the way to experience a deeper “IT” year by year.

Something I have noticed through the years is that “IT” seems to be only as deep as the body of believers “buy-in”.  Every “body” has a level of comfort that is indicative of the personality displayed in “IT”.  There is the deeply rich traditional church where “IT” can be found in a great pipe organ playing “Amazing Grace”, but “IT” is threatened if one were to request a prayer of healing or some other manifestation of the Spirit that does not fit in.

I am a blue blood believing baptist boy that enjoys worshipping wherever I can find God.  I was traveling one time and stopped in to an evening worship service at a Pentecostal church.  I didn’t know the songs and I wasn’t comfortable to lift my arms.  It wasn’t long into the service that they began trying to drive out the devil.  It turned out they were exuberant when they drove me out.  They thought they had “IT”.  I thought I had “IT”.  Likely, we were both confused.

So here’s the point of the blog.  Your body of believers known as the local church may think they have “IT”.  It is likely you and I only have a very small portion of God’s total “IT”.  It is also likely that everything outside your predetermined ideas of what “IT” looks like may be uncomfortable.  But before you and I squash “IT” with expectations of casting out the devil, you might check to see if “IT” has a “blue blood believing baptist boy” chasing after the Spirit and visiting from out of state.  🙂

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

2 thoughts on “I am a blue blood believing baptist boy chasing after “IT”.”

  1. Ahm.. very creatively done . You point out a lot of “IT”. IT’s obvious that you are pointing on a very important aspect for christians 🙂

  2. Edwin. Thank you for visiting. Yes, the issue is not so much an issue of salvation, but an issue if God is welcome to participate in my life and the life of the church. I think many times our experience in Jesus is squashed by the barren land we invite our Lord to spend time with us in.

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