Another reason you don’t need a health care system overhaul..

This is a quote: “For proselyting missionaries who are serving outside the United States, medical expenses for illnesses or accidents that occur during the mission are paid by the mission.”
So here is the deal.  You just have to become a Mormon missionary and serve in a foreign country and all your health care needs are paid for.  Is there a catch somewhere.  Why doesn’t everyone sign up?
I’m kidding of course…

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2 thoughts on “Another reason you don’t need a health care system overhaul..”

  1. I believe that we Christians have a moral imperative to take action on behalf of those who are sick, in need, and helpless to fend for themselves. I’m writing because I feel sick at heart. I believed that there was an honest debate going on in our country about health insurance reform. Today I read an article that shocked me, because it appears that there is true evil at work, with the love of money put above love of our fellow humans. This is the link to it, just copy and paste it to read it.
    I now believe that Americans have been duped intentionally by people who have somehow deluded themselves that they have a right to money even though there is tremendous suffering and need for available health care. I also believe that we have a moral imperative to speak out against injustice and evil, and that if Jesus was walking the earth, he would have been outraged just as he was outraged at the moneylenders whose activities were desecrating the temple. My realization now is that Big Tobacco, Big Money, Big Insurance are desecrating the temple of our country’s physical well-being. I feel overwhelmed with sadness at the suffering I’ve read about, and I know that there is NO neighborhood, no number of friends, no group of families, who could cover the immense expenses of a neighbor who needs surgery and treatment for brain cancer,for instance. Much as I love my friend who has had cancer for decades, there is no way that her family and I and all her friends could pay her medical bills, no matter how many bake sales we held. We who have jobs believe that our insurance companies will take care of us. They won’t. Their rightful commitment, as a business, is to their investors,their shareholders — not to the men, women and children who pay the premiums. There is no guarantee that the insurance company will pay for what your doctor recommends. I beg you to read the article. Have those lobbyists no heart? Look at who they’re lobbying for – the insurance companies and tobacco companies. Do we really care about our fellow citizens? Where is our country’s heart? This is a moment of conscience for Christians, and people of all faiths. Are we responsible only for ourselves? I think Jesus would have another answer. Look at what He did. What would He do now?

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