One Hundred Year Old Man Makes Baby and Janus Joplin waits for delivery!

facebook“Abraham and Sarah were old by this time, very old. Sarah was far past the age for having babies. Sarah laughed within herself, “An old woman like me? Get pregnant? With this old man of a husband?” God said to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh saying, ‘Me? Have a baby? An old woman like me?’ Is anything too hard for God? I’ll be back about this time next year and Sarah will have a baby.”

Have you ever been impressed with a thought from God.  The thought being as laughable as Abraham and Sarah having a baby in their old age?Or maybe the thought was not laughable at all. It was just a thought that you believed was from God? God certainly desires to chat with us. I wish I had a better ear to hear.
My problem seems to be a bit like Abraham’s. God spoke to Abraham. He might have heard the message, but it would be months before the message was authenticated by Sarah’s bulging stomach with child. It would be many life times before there would be people of Abraham lineage more numerous than the stars. I wonder if Abraham was sure he had heard from God as he waited for God to authenticate His message?

What has God spoke to you? Do you also wait for authentication?

Much like the Janus Joplin song of old, ”…I wait for delivery each day until three. Oh Lord. Won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?”

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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