Make a new plan Stan…

“…you planned evil against me but God used those same plans for my good…”  ~Joseph
I’m sorry but it took me 55 years to begin to appreciate that God has a plan.  Really! His plan is to bless our socks off and we say, “THANK YOU!”  It is such a simple thought and yet 55 years later I am just beginning to appreciate how God works.  So listen up if you dare.  Here is the process…
  1. Consume the Word. 
  2. Listen for God’s voice. 
  3. Write His thoughts on your heart. 
  4. Wait for Him to create the scenerio in your life that authenticates His thoughts. 
  5. Then…,   ACT!   God’s Revelation requires action. 
Get off your Lazy Boy recliner.  Turn off the TV and get after it!  Life is too short to wait for the next train.  There will be no better train to hop on then the one God has waiting at the station.  There is a ticket with your name on it.  Go get it and get it punched!
~the janitor
Hoping you didn’t miss the most important 1st step.  CONSUME HIS WORD! That is where the power is!


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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