“The heart, your soul, the essence of your being…Jesus” ~the janitor

God's anointed prophet Samuel was obedient.   He was in touch with God.  Samuel heard from God.  Samuel reasoned with God.  Samuel obeyed God.  In Samuel's obedience, he went to Bethlehem looking for the one God would choose as leader of the nation of Israel.  Samuel did the obvious.  Samuel check resumes and observed the obvious physical characteristics.  He was looking for the outstanding man that obviously fit the profile of leader.  

Samuel picked Eliab.  He was obviously king material.  But God had someone different in mind.  The story goes like this…

"But God told Samuel, "Looks aren't everything. Don't be impressed with his looks and stature. I've already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart…. 

Jesse presented his seven sons to Samuel. Samuel was blunt with Jesse, " God hasn't chosen any of these."  Then he asked Jesse, "Is this it? Are there no more sons?"  "Well, yes, there's the runt. But he's out tending the sheep." Samuel ordered Jesse, "Go get him. We're not moving from this spot until he's here."

Jesse sent for him. He was brought in, the very picture of health— bright-eyed, good-looking.  God said, "Up on your feet! Anoint him! This is the one."  Samuel took his flask of oil and anointed him, with his brothers standing around watching. 

The Spirit of God entered David like a rush of wind, God vitally empowering him for the rest of his life."

Likely, the job you currently hold is because you fit the profile of Eliab.  Your resume met the needs of your company.  Your profile was perfect for the job.  But is the job really the right one for the you?  

Could it be God has looked in your heart and sees a different man.  Might God see a man willing to foolishly and fearlessly fight Goliath in His name? Might you be that man….

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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