Missionary Efforts in India

Dear Warriors,
Your prayers are being heard! The rains in India have stopped. For
the past several days, the pastor and church we serve in Chillakullu,
India has been feeding the victims who have lost homes, loved ones and
all their belongings. This is an incredible church. They have
nothing themselves yet they heard the Lord say to begin to cook and to
pack rice, curry and water in one meal packages and deliver them to
10,000 people.

They have been cooking beginning at 2:00 am, cook until 7:00, bag
until 9:30 and then go into the flooded areas and deliver food until
2:30 in the afternoon for days now. It has taken a very large team
from the church to do this and they have answered that call without
missing a beat. Amazing to me considering that they are so poor on
their own. They did not know how they would pay for the food. They
just stepped out in obedience as the Lord told them to. They move
when God says move.

Bob and I have been privileged to join them in this effort. A person
can be fed one meal in India for 45 rupees which is .50 cents US. The
Lord was clear to us as we hit our knees. Within the hour as we
prayed He instructed us to feed half of the people He had laid on our
ministry partner church in Chillakullu. We have been able to
encourage our fellow laborers that they are working the direction that
the Lord is taking them …because the Lord responded immediately to
us as we stepped alongside them. This is when I feel so alive in the
Body of Christ. Faith joining Faith and moving mountains as God
leads. No thinking and decision except…God what do you want me to
do. He answers and we know without a doubt we have followed His lead.

I also know that there is more need to come. In my prayer closet the
Lord has shown me that there will be many in need now coming to them
looking for the City of Hope that has reached out the hand of Jesus.
You see, when the Lord instructed our friends, He told them to feed
the saved and the lost alike. This moves my heart incredibly. It
reminds me of the hurricane in Haiti when I was there and the Lord
instructed me to pray Passover over the saved and the lost in the city
I was in and the mountains around it. I did and though the hurricane
came directly upon us…not one tree branch was broken. We became the
Sanctuary City in a broken country of death and flooding. God is
moving here. His will is being done in this hour.

I ask you please to continue to pray. For many, this was one meal in
three days, it may be the only meal for many more. There are snakes
everywhere and great danger to those who are delivering this aid in
this hour. Cobra’s can pop to their full height and strike down upon
one. Thank you for your sincere awareness of what the Lord asks of
you through prayer here. It can be as if we are with Him in this
storm. The blessing to you and yours will be known to you as you join
your Bridegroom and minister to this need.

In Christ,

If you’d like to help, email Robbie: robbiecave at austin dot rr dot com
Hoping you can figure out her email address…

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