Bongos at Church #2 of 3. Cool!

Entered in the end of worship. Powerful worship. A few hands raised.
A few standing. Most all singing. God is blessed by the voice of
His people. I am blessed by the Spirit of God’s presence…

Point#1: God is… 1 John 4
God is love. English lesson. God is the subject. is the verb. God
is the object of love. Ikki is Japanese. Ikki is subject. Object is
Japanese. God is love. Means everything God does is loving.

Passionate commitment to see well being of others. By this the love
of God was manifested through the sending of His Son such that we
might have life. Big word: propitiation. huh? Means something about
atonement. Big word:atonement. huh?

Ikki is very interactive with audience. Participants are comfortable
with his interaction. Gathering is composed of multiracial of about
100 people. Audience seems engaged. Maybe because there are only
three rows deep and Ikki makes eye contact and can engage each and
everyone there.

I am hiding in back. Think he has spotted me with the netbook going.
Did not ask ahead of time. Seems to be freedom here. Am still
blogging. :;-)

Point #2: So love God and love one another (even your enemies) builds
on last week’s message to pray for and do good to our enemies.

Interesting, pulpit is made out of roadside trash. Must be a story there.

Point #3: Be born of God. Speaks that those who are dead can not
love. You must be born again if you are to love like God loves. You
must be born of God. The DNA is strong between parents and children.
The same for being born of God. We take on the person of God.

It’s not that we know all the facts about God. It is about
experiencing God and see God work through you. We have the Spirit of
God dwelling within us. The character of God becomes our character.
We must stay close to the source less we are distracted by the
character of the world.

Point #4: Know God. Communicates through story. Brings truth to a
level that is interesting, believable and insightful. It’s easy to
love your wife for the early part of emotional part of the marriage
experience. Later when the emotion is gone, it may become tough to
love. You have to choose to love. God is the source of love.

In conclusion: God loves you! You can not make God love you more!
You can not make God love you less! Regardless, God loves you.

Reconcile the conflict. Church #1 says God’s love is conditional.
Church #2 says that God loves regardless. Maybe church #3 will be the
tie breaker. 🙂

Possibly, some of my readers can clear things up and reconcile the
differences of message. Concludes with recommendation to love God and
love our neighbor.

Surf to: for a Fresh Connection…

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

2 thoughts on “Bongos at Church #2 of 3. Cool!”

  1. What happened to church #3? Am I not blog-savvy enough to find it?

    Had some difficulty w/ church #1 msg myself, due to Romans 3:8. I don’t think that God’s love is conditional, even with the caveat that He Himself satisfied the necessary condition by providing our path to righteousness. Because before He provided that path, and before we accept(ed) it, He already loved us enough to give up His only Son. Did I miss the point?

  2. Hey David! Thank you for missing church #3. It met late Sunday night. Just posted it. Hoping you will enjoy the Home Church posting. As for the “conditional love”, maybe we will hear more resulting from your question. Thank you. I need to sleep… God bless and good night. 🙂

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