How do I focus on Jesus?

I asked this question on Facebook.  The thoughtfulness and depth of answers is wonderful.  Want to share with my blog readers.  Maybe you will choose to help in my search for understanding…

Archie Rhines I have a question. It is important to me. Maybe you can help. Maybe not. Here goes… What does it mean to "Focus on Jesus"? How will I know if I have succeeded?

Jennifer Rutledge

Focus On Jesus — living in His Truth each and every moment and knowing that He is the way to success in the first place. Doing what God says, even in the difficult choices, is how you can feel a measurement of that success, I would think.

Kimberly Guerra Mauldin

PRAYER. i'm pretty simple, and i'm sure there is some great theological answer out there, but for me it is simply keeping Him in the center (sometimes not so easily done for me), how do i measure success, honestly i dont think of it as "am i successful" i just look at where i was, where i am and where i am going, and know that He is working miracles, so i must be doing something right.

Ana Graves

I don't know if we ever succeed at this, until heaven, of course. I was thinking about something similar to "focus on Jesus" last night. I read a part of Psalm 119 that talked about pondering the statutes of God…I thought, what does that look like? I'm so easily distracted from his purposes, from him. The distractions of the world tend to make my eyes towards other things. So, to "focus on Jesus," as I read the Psalms, I'm learning to ask him to help me focus on him and his purposes and his statutes. The more I ask, the more I tend to be looking his way and not towards other things. Interesting question to ponder…

Archie Rhines

I will go back and think on your responses throughout the day. I'm open to more insight from friends….
So far… Truth, Prayer, Ask and Ponder encourages a focus on Jesus. 
I'm Truthfully Asking in Prayer as I Ponder on what it means to focus on Jesus. 🙂
Thank you!

David L Mauldin

ill know success when i get to heaven. focus on jesus is hard sometimes self will and all. if living in salvation was easy the bible would be two pages it would say you are saved now go live your life any way you want. the end. keeping god the head of your house and life and decisons is focus for me

Darla Carter

I think Jesus will be truly the focus and in focus when we see Him in the others around us and treat the others around us as if they were Him. I think that would be the ultimate test on if we are loving the Lord our God w/ all our Heart and soul and mind and strength and loving our neighbor as ourself. Am I there and living it-no. Is it a worthy goal-yes. It would be extremely interesting to see all of us focused on Jesus in that manner–can you imaging the change that could occur. That was a very thought prevoking question for me to see-Thanks Archie

Archie Rhines

Great thoughts David and Darla. I think I'll repost on my blog. I am still trying to figure it out. FOCUS on Jesus. How do I do that? hmmm.

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4 thoughts on “How do I focus on Jesus?”

  1. I think opening your eyes wide in wonder and belief ties directly to a focus on Jesus. Maybe in having your eyes open, you are more apt to focus on Jesus. hmmm

    “Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dank cellar. If you pull the blinds on your windows, what a dark life you will have!” ~Jesus

  2. Archie, you come up with the most interesting questions! I love your blogs, all of them. Let’s see, what’s it mean to focus on Jesus? The more I ponder the tougher it gets to answer. Becomes too complicated in the mind. To me, Jesus is simple. I tried to over-complicate Him and it led to frustration and disappointment. Many times He takes me back to when I was a ten year old and how excited I was to know Him. How simple was my faith and trust! But as I matured, and especially once I felt the call to ministry, I really screwed things up by trying too hard.

    Focus, to me, requires solitude. Time with Him. Then, when decisions are made “on the fly” their root is in Him. I often found myself praying too hard, studying too hard, and judging others too hard. However, when it’s just Him and me spending quality one-on-one time together everything comes into “focus” as it should be.

    Keep up the great work, brother! Godspeed!
    Rich Glenn
    Truth From The Hip

  3. Richard. Thank you! I like the thought of focus on Jesus prepares one for making decisions on the fly. It acknowledges the realities of life and Jesus can still be the focus.

    I was facebook chatting with a chance meeting with a guy in Brazil. I asked him what his take on a Jesus focus was. His response in part was…

    “I study the Bible at the church, and i think that Focus on Jesus means keep your Faith always on him, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life…

    here in Brasil people don’t focus on Jesus so easly, when some thing going wrong they look for a “Saint”, a voodu, or an kind of magic religion…”

  4. It seems to ask the question, “How do you focus on Jesus?” would at first blush be an unfair question. After all, how do you focus on something you can’t see? Right? Well kinda, right…

    I believe to focus on Jesus is to see the world through the eyes of Jesus, to smell the world through the nose of Jesus, to feel the world through the hands of Jesus, to hear the world through the ears of Jesus and to think on the world through the mind of Jesus.

    To focus on Jesus means to lose focus on everything else in your environment. The roar of things around you become strangely quiet as your focus shifts to Jesus. The clarity of thought becomes divinely pure as your mind focuses on Jesus. There is an intense awareness of those things that are important to Jesus as you gain focus and the earthly things become insignificant.

    As I prayed this evening earnestly desiring to understand what it meant to focus on Jesus. I was reminded of the sick and starving children of Burkina Faso. I saw the children through the eyes of Christ. Focused!

    As you focus on Jesus, you become as Jesus in His image. Choose to focus. Live in the image of Christ.

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