The death of a church and the birth of a vision…

Many are saying God meant the church to be organic. It seems reasonable to me. God breathes life into it. It is birthed. It is fed. It grows. It is healthy if God has His way. But the question comes to mind, can the church die? If so, what might be the quickest way to kill a church?

I am praying that God will breath life into Fresh Connections. At the same time, I am asking God to kill the vision if it is not from Him. I’m trusting He will do one or the other. Am OK if He thinks of a third choice. I just don’t want to waste time doing something that He didn’t plan. Does that make sense?

As you read this and the stats say hundreds of you will, please pray for the birth of Fresh Connections. Pray that God will breath life into the vision. Pray for resources for Fresh Connections. Pray for the people of Fresh Connections. Pray that Fresh Connections will be a faith builder for all. Pray about what part you might play.

Then if God is not in Fresh Connections, pray the vision will die.

From my friend in Sweden: Frid Broden or Peace Brother…
Surf to: for a Fresh Connection…

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

5 thoughts on “The death of a church and the birth of a vision…”

  1. Hey Archie;

    You know how I think, so I will give you some advice, as it seems you are seeking direction.

    The thought came to you, you spent some time and effort into it, so continue.

    If you have one person, aside from yourself being a part of this, that is success. If you have two, that is plentiful.

    One by one.

    If you have faith in what you believe, and I believe you do, don’t let a few knocks get you down.

  2. Ich,
    Oddly, I was thinking about you today. Wondering how you were doing and wondering if you had your first snow storm. I know how much you love the winter. Funny. Our blogging interests have kept us connected through seasons and soon to be years. One day we will have to meet.

    Thank you for the transparency in your life and the encouragement.

    There is change in the wind of the traditional church. It looks like I will be a part of it. Maybe you will be too…

  3. Hi Archie;

    This may not be politically correct, but we are having Indian Summer and experiencing a warm rain tonight. It snowed a few weeks ago and melted 🙂

    Archie, one day we will meet. As far as the other things you are involved in, I wish you the best of luck and satisfaction, however, I do think you strayed a little from your initial concept, God Spots.

    Those events that effect people and their lives which they believe were influenced by God.

    When organization or anything resembling bureaucracy enters into the picture, it takes away from your premise.

    For example, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost post where you speculated which may be the most powerful. That is something I would write, not you.

    To me, that is the physics/science mind trying to come to terms with the spiritual side of life.

    As an observation of life, I feel it is simpler for logic and faith to coexist when the faith part makes sense to the logic part. Faith can be realized, God can exist and the Soul be at peace with the reality of what we know life is.

  4. I love your heart, Archie.
    I don’t think the church can die as it is people and therefore eternal. I do believe that most of what is called church today has died already. “Church” as a building where you go to attend an event and listen to a lecture by a spiritual guru while becoming fettered with religious obligation is an institution that has been dead for years. But the expression of church as a vibrant community of God loving people will change continually and remain fruitful as they are led by the Spirit and grow in grace, love and understanding.

  5. Thank you David. I agree there is change in the wind. Anything that draws the Church back to God in a personal relationship is exciting. I am excited to be a part of it.

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