Heart to understand the love of God and to love God…

I met a new friend yesterday who has a passion to understand the Love of God. That one statement alone is incredible. Think on it. The depth of God’s love is far beyond human comprehension and yet we experience it every day. How can that be?

This new friend chooses to exit from traditional church and worship in a home church. Seems pretty radical doesn’t it. It is in a home church he chooses to live life. There seems to be a movement of people with similar ideas of how best they can serve God.

It seems in a home church setting, there is no opportunity to hide. Everyone is there for better or worse. There is an honest belief and appreciation for the priesthood of the believer. Each member a unique part making up the body of Christ.

He authenticated his belief in the believer family when he moved to San Antonio. Living in Iowa, his wife surfed the internet and found a home church in San Antonio. He picked up the phone and said he was coming to town for a job interview, could he stay at their house. After all, he was a member of the family of God. He was invited into
the stranger’s home as family.

That is how the priesthood of believers is suppose to work…

In true God Spot fashion, he got the job and now enjoys the beautiful city of San Antonio and enjoys being in the midst of God’s plan.

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

5 thoughts on “Heart to understand the love of God and to love God…”

  1. AHHH God’s love. A topic that is fresh on my heart.
    There was this woman in my life that was someone I just couldn’t seem to get away from. She drove me crazy. She was one of those people that when she was around my true colors rose up. Sure on the outside I kept a pretty face, but on the inside I was the biggest hypocrite as I wished with all my might she would just go away. Everytime she was around she would say things to cut me, to make me feel bad, or just to be mean. It was irritating. All the while I knew all the right answers…I knew I was to forgive her, I knew I was to love her and I knew that there was probably some underlying hurt in her life that caused her to say these things. And as much as I prayed and vowed that I had forgiven her and that I would kill her with kindness, everytime I saw her I still wanted to ring her neck. One day when the topic of the home group that we hold in my home came up she stated that she was going to start coming. GREAAAAT!! Just what I needed.(Please note the sarcasm). So she had been coming for a few weeks and the ministry always seemed to be directed at her and that drove me more crazy as she would sit there with a blank stare and say she was fine and she was already doing everything she needed to. The pharisee in me sat there despising her. The unforgiveness and bitterness in my heart was rampant and I knew then that I could not ever love this person. I could pretend and even say all the right things, but in my heart there was no love. So, yesterday came and we decided to meet and get on our faces to seek the Lord. As I lay there on my living room floor I heard the Lord asking why I cared so much what others thought of me when I know the King of Kings. Why I longed for others approval when I was the bride of Christ. Then He showed me this woman I despise who was next to me at the time and asked if I was willing to love her. I confessed that I couldn’t. He said to humble myself and consider her better than me. Immediately I knew I had to drop my pride and be obedient. As I submitted to the idea that I was the least and the worst, God cleansed my heart from the unforgiveness and bitterness. No formula, just a change of heart. Then, my spiritual authority said out of the blue…”I think we should pray over (Sally).” I knew I could lay my hands on her to pray because of what God had just done in my heart. As we prayed I just asked for Him to show me His love for her. I knew if I could see it, then I would be able to love her. As she sat there she began weeping and crying out to God for all the times she fealt alone. She said, “For the time I was alone in my closet, for the time they beat me, for the time the called me worthless, and for the time my parents killed themselves.” Immediately a flood of sorrow rushed through my body. So much I could barely stand it. I kept my hand on her and wept with her. God showed me this was just a taste of the sorrow He fealt through all these things that she went through and that He never left her. We wept and wept and wept. Then she turned to me and we embraced and on top of all the sorrow a new emotion came…..LOVE. An overwhelming love for her that physically my body could not contain. I began shaking and could barely speak to tell her how much God loved her. We sat embraced for awhile as this love took over my entire being. Love so great I couldn’t even look her in the eyes becuase it was so overwhelming. Again, God revealed that this was just a taste of how much He loved her. When the emotion died down enough to be able to come together again as a group there was something new in me. God had given me love for her. I looked at her with new eyes. She honestly looked different and I swear her voice was different. We were new women. Released from the grasp of the enemy who loves division and strife. I could not love her with any ounce of the religiousity that is in me, but God’s love is more than enough and so much better.

  2. Elisha. Using your previous permission, I am going to repost as a Blog Post here and at http://freshc.org. God bless. I love God Spots! God’s love has been a topic multiple times this week. A friend just left my office talking about God’s love.

  3. The only thing I would say is that meeting in homes doesn’t guarantee anything. I’ve been in home meetings where life in Christ is almost non-existent, where everything that folks try to “escape” by leaving a building is still present. And I’ve been in traditional church meetings where the life of Christ is incredibly vibrant. The scriptures definitely point to home gatherings as the norm for the early church, but where we meet isn’t the central issue. It’s Him. And if there’s life in Christ among a group of people, it doesn’t really matter how they meet.

    It was good to meet you the other day, I hope we can do it again soon.

    Much grace,

  4. Ryan,
    Thanks for spending time on the blog. Hoping I was accurate in the story. The meeting was a pleasure. Let’s do get together again. The dialog was encouraging. Peace.

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