“God can take pain and create something beautiful.”~priest

Pain is real. Whether it is a physical pain, an emotional pain or Spiritual pain, pain is real. satan is the originator of all pain. There is only one way to effectively deal with pain. It is through the blood of Jesus Christ.

It was on the cross Jesus took all pain and suffering on himself. As natural as it is for us to take it back, our salvation is our guarantee the pain we suffer here on earth is covered by the love that accompanied Christ on the cross.

When we feel the pain, regardless of source, we must turn to Jesus. Ask for God’s grace to deal with the pain. Ask Him for wisdom on how to deal with the pain and when the pain has run its course, ask for God to heal the pain.

I think one of the biggest sadness of mankind is to experience pain and suffering and not allow Jesus to work a good work in the midst of it. God can take the pain and create something beautiful just for you. Let Him. He wants to. Just be real….

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

4 thoughts on ““God can take pain and create something beautiful.”~priest”

  1. Been through this one in the ‘Faith in words’ church I was in for years…

    …when pain does not ‘run it’s course’ but carries on year after year with no let-up, has the cross failed? or have I failed the cross? if so, how?

    How long is ‘long enough’ then? When do I just say ‘Pain be gone’?
    When my son was born with twisted bones and spine, did he ‘take on’ this pain? when exactly did he have a choice in the matter?

    When things (people) fall through the cracks it is not the whole truth that has the cracks. For those who suffer by no choice of their own to have ‘taken on pain and suffering’, are falling through the cracks of religion. Where does it say explicedly that the cross is for this temporary body to be pain (and poverty)-free and not for eternal redemption only with the hope of glory to come?

    The hope of renewed, redemption bodies that will never die or suffer this world’s ailments? which will never grow old and die of ‘natural causes’? which will not be effected by every aspect of the environment we live in? which will have nothing to do with the genetic code of our earthly parents?

    Just need to see how the theory gels with what actually happens. Nobody who touts this can actually give a real answer to anyone who asks “HOW do I do this?”

    People have been dying for the last 2,000 years, many of which from ‘natural’ causes which are not painless for the most part. Every one of them has failed the cross, or the cross has failed every one of them. When statements do not line up with fact or even common sense, the statement is either false or only partially true (which I believe this case to be). It sounds great, but never holds true to life.

    If one person recovers from an ailment and then says it was by their own ‘faith-power’, it puts all others who are suffering into a very nasty category of being very displeasing to God. Only an idiot would take on pain. Not even suicidal maniacs would chose to live in pain or debilitation.

    Do I believe God can and does heal? absolutely. Do I believe He would abandon me or my child because my ‘faith’ does not measure up? NO.
    If that IS true, then I will walk away from this tyrant and never seek Him ever again. He has no right to treat my son in such a manner. I may not be able to stop Him but I CAN have nothing to do with Him.

    I went through this for years. I did EVERYthing required of me by a church that preaches this, nothing worked, but all keeps getting worse.

    False teaching shows itself just like false prophecy does; when it does not come to pass.

    Still love me Archie?

    An honest comment if you are willing to take it. Delete if it hurts your readers. Ok by me. I am through taking on this pressure anyway, the one of trying to keep these particular denominational laws good enough for God to help me.

    This note added by Archie: To better understand Nathan. Read his biography sheet at: https://37stories.wordpress.com/heartfelt/ . Pray for Nathan and his family when God brings him to your mind.

  2. Nathan. I understand pain but in a different way than you. God has not allowed me to suffer physically like you. I have wondered how I would respond.

    That said. I stand by everything I said above although I am quite willing to be wrong. I didn’t say anything about faith or lack of faith and it’s relationship in healing. God has not revealed answers concerning faith healing to me. I know God heals. As a young man, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer on Friday with 2-3 months to live and on Monday declared cancer free. I had very little faith, i suppose. God just chose to make a difference.

    I have had a bad headache for 3 months. It throbs now. God has not healed. I don’t know. Sometimes He acts. Sometimes it doesn’t appear so. I don’t know. I don’t think it has anything to do with my quantity of faith. I believe my faith stronger today than it has ever been in my life. Fortunately, I don’t think a successful healing is a good measuring stick for faith.

    Possibly, your situation is tied to God’s desire to create a new person in you. This new person has nothing to do with salvation. It has everything to do with becoming the person God desires to spend eternity with.

    Maybe God will heal. Maybe He won’t. God will continue to be God. Read my post again and remove thoughts that I was placing the burden on you and keep the burden where you have placed it. On Jesus.

    You are a good man. God has a plan.

  3. Ok Archie. I was reacting to the language I have heard so much from the people I used to be associated with. I did not mean to be ‘reactionary’. At least you know where I am with it all.
    It was always about faith, ‘believing’ good enough for God to heal, etc. I will have nothing to do with it anymore, but not after giving it the old college try, believe me.

    God will continue to be God. Amen to that!

    I will remember you with your head ache issue too. I know what it is like trying to even think straight through a constant reminder.

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