Hit me with a ton or bricks! Gag me with a place setting! I get it!

CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG: The Word of God is the creator of the world, who came down in the form of a man named Jesus. Through the lips of Jesus was spoken Word recorded in the Bible.  Not all of His Words, just some of His Words were recorded.  The Word as God was not mute before Jesus, nor after Jesus (not sure about the idea of before and after as it relates to time eternal, but anyway).

These Words in the Bible were sourced from the same deity that spoke the world into existence. Consider the power you have as a believer when you speak the written Words of the creator of the universe! POW! Hit me with a ton of bricks! POWER in the WORD! Speak it. I am BLOWN AWAY and my keyboard wishes I'd quick banging on the keys with such FORCE! 

Jesus the Word is Lord!

Here is a key.  You have to read God's Word in order to speak it!  Memorize it and draw it fast like a gunslinger reaching for his six shooter!  This is a reason there are so many impotent believers.  They don't read the Word.  They can't remember the Word.  They can't speak the Word.  They have limited their ability to access the grace of God.  I didn't say they can't access grace, I just believe they have limited the ability to access grace.  Without grace, FORGET ABOUT IT!

If you dare, take some time and read the following link.  It was provided to me from Gunner Hanson, a Facebook friend.  I love social networks!  It is awesome when someone you have never met provides life changing insight.  Thank you, Gunner!  

Referencing social networks, do me a favor. I accept the fact that this request may be tasteless according to "Social network etiquette", but I am still going to ask anyway. Ask your friends on Facebook to request my friendship: Archie Rhines . Doing so will point them to God Spots found in 37stories. It is my hope that God Spots will become a book. Maybe you and your friend's comments will become part of the book. It could happen…

Surf to: http://www.freshc.org for a Fresh Connection…

For more GodSpots – 37stories Enjoy!

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

4 thoughts on “Hit me with a ton or bricks! Gag me with a place setting! I get it!”

  1. Facebook comment by: J. Hanson http://bible.org/seriespage/what-child-john-11-18

    Facebook comment by: Sisterlisa Bee You are right. Jesus is the Word. The bible is inspired by God.

    Facebook comment by: Tommy Gault Jesus is clearly the Word mentioned in John chapter 1. All scripture is God-breathed and good for teaching, so to say scripture is the word of God is accurate, but not in the context of John chapter 1. But it is interesting to note that the word Bible is not mentioned anywhere in scripture. Not trying to stir up anything just think it is interesting.

    Facebook comment by: Sisterlisa Bee I looked up all the exact words”word of God” and it didn’t look like the scriptures are ‘the word of God’ to me.

    Facebook comment by: Freeman A. Temple As we meditate upon the WORD, we receive Revelation Knowledge in our spirits given to us by the Holy Spirit. The WORD then becomes living and active in our life when acted upon and/or spoken in faith…no longer just words on the printed page.

    Facebook comment by: Colleen Holloran Foshee His Word = LIFE.

    Facebook comment by: Tura Zapata Still living, still creative. It will not return to Him void, without first accomplishing that which He sent it to do. JESUS! He accomplished what the Father sent Him to do and the Word is still accomplishing!

    Facebook comment by: Sisterlisa Bee Yes that’s true about difficult questions. People who are comfortable where they’re at won’t attempt to communicate about questions like that. Instead of looking deeper to find an answer they accuse people of vain babbling. In my opinion, it’s only babbling if you go in circles due to someone remaining in their current position on the matter. That turns into an argument. There are times when someone speaks words to me that I know are from God, but I don’t say their words are ‘the word of God’. but I would definitely say they were inspired by God to say it. Keeping in mind that what they say are in harmony with scriptures.

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