I am conflicted. If it is not about the 80,000 readers, what is it about?

Today or tomorrow there will be 80,000 views of God Spots.  Some will say, it is not about the numbers and I tend to agree in an altruistic way.  If in two years of blogging, a single person is encouraged to find their way to a faithful walk with Jesus, then the effort has been worthwhile.  But in the same breath, I'd suggest I don't have enough years left in my life to impact one person every couple years.  

I'm not negating the importance of the one and you reading this may be the one.  I thank God for you, but I dream of sharing Christ with thousands and seeing each one of them choose to walk with Jesus.  Notice I didn't say, walk the aisle or pray  the believers prayer, although both may be a good first step.  It's my desire to see others exchange their life for the life of Christ.  I desire to see thousands choose to walk with Jesus at their side.  That is my desire….

So with the new year starting today, I need wisdom for the future.  I believe God wishes to give one the desires of one's heart (when those desires align with His).  I believe He wants to see His Church walk with him.  I believe His Spirit grieves to see His church walk without Jesus.  I believe this possible, although you might struggle with the idea of being possessed by the Holy Spirit and choose to not walk with Jesus.  Think about it.

God has given me a passion to reach out and touch those who have ditched religion often referred to as church.  This is not the Church as known as the "Bride of Christ".  This is the church known as religion.  The church is where you go religiously on Sunday.  I'm not saying it is a bad place.  I love my church.  I'm just saying it is not the Church.  As a member of the Bride of Christ, we are the Church.  You and I are priests in the royal order of the "Priesthood of Believers".  It is time we took on the identity of priest.

So that is where I am today, on the first day of the year and the first day of the rest of my life.  I seek answers.  I seek God…

What do you seek?

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

5 thoughts on “I am conflicted. If it is not about the 80,000 readers, what is it about?”

  1. I’m seeking God right now myself … for the way forward and for complete restoration, when every conversation I am reminded that I’ve been left behind, not needed…. not getting any encouragement to fight for the right. My natural instinct (as I hate conflict) is to drop and run. And I know that’s not what I SHOULD do…. so I’m seeking God.

  2. i read this post several times and know what i want to say–but am totally stumped on words on how to say it(which is so unlike me)–and i am hoping here that it comes out right–first, think of how many who read this and take that story and talk about it to others–a seed is planted ready for growth. so in reality you are probably affecting more then the 80,000 readers–WOW

    me, i am one, as you know who “church” and organized religion is not something i care to partake or even be a part of anymore–a believer honestly maybe, trying–but i struggle with that too anymore and “what” to believe, or even why i guess anymore–struggle with no one really wanting to take the time to help with that–and then the one person i find — “satan” decides to taint and take away–things i have no control over nor understand-i seek to learn how Good really does triumph over Evil–i seek to learn the “truth” for what it REALLY is-unfortunately being hurt by a “church”, really takes away the idea of what, and who to believe-i read your blog and am inspired by how HE works in others lives–and even prayer in mine–but still struggle dearly with what to believe and why–and ironically on my facebook right before i read this post i said i am looking for a “fresh connection”–because in reality there is only one true constant in your life HIM-and when all that is hurt by a “church”, spiritual abuse, or other—what do you really have left–but nothing and emptiness. need to find that fresh connection again–truthfully dare take that chance????

  3. I am seeking to know this God who came down from an idylic place to get involved in my puny, restless, imperfect trudge when he could have just blown me off and created someone else or hung out with a better model. I’m digging in to find out about this LOVE. I want everything He brought with Him and left for me. Mostly (for now) I want to live in this broken paradise with the Peace He promised me. I’ve done that off and on in huge and small circunstances. I’m going for 24/7. Hoping the same for all of you fellow trudgers.
    I appreciate you Archie. Glad to be walking this new year together.

  4. Thank you Colleen. You are an encouragement. I like the thought “imperfect trudge” and God choosing you anyway. It can be said of all of us. God bless you and yours in the new year! archie

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