I’ve wondered if the Spirit world is actually more significant to a believer than the physical world. Enjoy guest: Jack Frost.

Guest Post by: Jack Frost

I will not make a doctrine of this…but, I wonder….

We live in a fallen world. We know that. We believe that. We live that.
We live in a physical world. We see that. We feel that. We know that.
We live in a spiritual world. We see that. We feel that. We know it because we experience it.
So. Permit me to limit to these three at this time….

In our fallen world, we see sin abound. We see sickness and we see pain and we see massive injustice. We see far more than this, but we also understand it is tied very inextricably to the spiritual world.

In our spiritual world, we see forces of evil and forces of God in combat. We see the struggle for good to overcome evil. We see a constant battle to deny the power of God in everyday life. We see times of wonderful communion and times of absolute beauty and worship.

With the spiritual world, we do battle and participate in the process of trying to live in the Age to Come as we live physically in This Present Evil Age.

How often CAN we bring things into the spiritual world that are firmly a part of the physical world?

Example: Moses was told to take his rod (a physical stick, possibly formed to be comfortable in the hand and a useful tool and weapon) and throw it into the spiritual world. It became a serpent…and then he pulled it back into the physical world.

Moses again: Take the same rod, and strike a rock- both in the physical world. Follow the direction of God and in supernatural ways we do not understand, the physical act moved something in the spiritual world and the physical world reacted by water flowing from a rock.
We know of times with Elijah and Elisha where they spoke regarding things in the physical world that became subject to the spiritual world.

So. In this time. In this age. We continue to live in This Present Evil Age, while also living in The Age To Come….and Jesus said ‘greater things than these….’ and ‘signs and wonders will follow….’: Is it possible that we would see and perform ‘miracles’ if we were to grasp and live within that understanding that we MUST pull the physical world into the spiritual world in order for the spiritual world to be able to impact the physical?

I’m not after a formula. I’m wondering about understanding.

In part, this came about as we headed home from Nashville late last night. It was pushing midnight, and it is just under 70 miles of mostly dark interstate to our little house on the lake. And we weren’t 3 miles into the trip when the engine began stuttering and missing….and I stopped at the first place and bought drygas stuff to help clear the lines. It didn’t help. The further along we went, the worse it got, and I had no place to turn to for help.

Then the transmission began some funny thing of seeming to drop out of overdrive into some in-between gear…not overdrive, not 3rd…and yet there isn’t a 4th….and the engine would work better in that gear.
Worried that I would be stranded with wife and two kids in the hills of Southern TN with the outdoor temps right around 14 degrees, I turned to Father and just asked for help.

And this is the thought that then came to me. And in that I began to ‘see’ my Suburban being moved in a form into a spiritual world. At this point, I began to wonder. Moses and Elijah and all did what they did with natural materials. Did it work with things made by man?

I don’t have answers. I know over the miles, the engine continued to miss, but it lessened. The transmission began to go back to a more normal operation. None of it quit entirely, but enough that I was no longer fearful of being stranded 50 or 60 miles from friends that might help us on a Monday morning at 12:30am…most need sleep as they go to work or school early.

So as I drove into our drive and parked (strange thing, those words and concept), I Wondered. I had Awe. Not that we had made it, but that an entirely new understanding is breaking upon me.

How often do I lose the awareness of the Worlds in which I live?

How often can I see a change in one world if I can see it brought into another?

Curiosity abounds.

Your Brother-in-grace,

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

One thought on “I’ve wondered if the Spirit world is actually more significant to a believer than the physical world. Enjoy guest: Jack Frost.”

  1. Thank you Jack Frost.

    I love seeing and hearing of God authenticating His presence. I have considered this seemingly dual world with overlap. I actually think the physical may be insignificant compared to the spiritual. It is just that the physical is where our natural senses are functional. I will think on this in the future… Good job!


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