Some people only have a prayer of a chance…

Rendi…I am sending this to my prayer book and some of our warriors will get this twice…please send it out.  The situation is dire.  Blessings, Robbie



The earthquake that has hit Haiti, hit within 14 miles of Dr Dan and Dee Dee's house and right in the middle of Dan's hospital.
If you have not heard, it was a 7.0, with a 5.9 aftershock, and then a 5.5 additional earthquake.  There have now been reported 12 more aftershocks since the original earthquake.  We are not able to reach Dan in this hour but do know from Dee Dee's Mother that they are in Port as is their son James who has not yet left for college.  In addition, of course, are our Pastor Charite Noel's family home in Port… where his wife Fe Fe and children who are still at home were present… while likely Pastor was in Dessalines… and finds himself unable to get to his family.  We have not been able to reach him in this hour as well.
     The reports are very dire.  Homes falling as the mountainside literally collapses.  One hospital is known to have collapsed.  The pictures on CNN of the President's palace in Port is horribly collapsed into itself.  This is an hour of great need for prayer. All flights into Port are canceled.  Military transport aide is going in tomorrow morning.  Razor wire is all over the street and the people are walking in the dark.  This is a city made to house 50,000 and holds 2 million people.  There is never a time when people are not living by the hundreds of thousands in the streets.  Imagine what that means in this devastation.  It became dark almost immediately after the earthquake.  There is no appropriate infrastructure for such emergency in Haiti.
     Please pray for the mercy and grace of our Lord over all the people and for the safety of our dear friends.  This will be an especially difficult time for Dr. Dan of course…as he will want to help everybody.  Water and food will be very limited and people will be desperate.  Let's agree with the Word of the Lord and pray as the Holy Spirit leads us as we stand for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.


Robbie and Bob

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6 thoughts on “Some people only have a prayer of a chance…”

  1. I have heard from Dr. Dan, he is okay but said that the devastation was tremendous. The Peavey’s in Dessalines said they just felt some shaking. The hospital in Dessalines is fine, it was one in Petionville, near Port that was damaged. I leave at 6:00 AM, Pray, please.

  2. Subject: Haiti update 1 from Robbie

    Dear Team,

    I have been in tears this am. Dr. Dan and family are unhurt praise the Lord. As always…helping those in need. Dr. Dan and Dee Dee walked a long way to get to their fellow missionaries and to render aide. Please continue to pray for them in this continuing emergency …and friends… thank you so much for your prayers.

    Tragically, our friends Jack and Pastor Jeannie Munos who lived and worked at the FoHo Missionary compound in Port au Prince were in the building when the earthquake hit. The building was newly rebuilt these past few years and we enjoyed it together in April at a great dinner with them when the team went. When the earthquake hit, that building collapsed and while Jack was rescued after 6 hours, it is confirmed this am that Jeannie perished in the collapse at FoHo. Our hearts are just broken.

    Please pray for Jack and his son, for the Haitians as they try to accept the unimaginable of this emergency… as well as the loss of one they so loved in Pastor Jeannie and one who loved them so much. There were two other American’s helping at FoHo with the Munos’ this past few months. The report this am is that both men also lost their lives in this earthquake.

    Please lift their families before the Throne of our merciful Lord. So many thoughts, memories of years of being at FoHo and the people who served the Haitian people there and loved so much, and so very much concern about the magnitude of this disaster and the inability of this people to help themselves. We still do not know how our friend and lead national Pastor Charite Noel and his family are as we have not been able to receive any word from or about him.

    I am focusing my heart upon the Lord in this hour because I know that without His mercy, His hand of miracle, His intervention, Haiti is lost and undone. Please call forth the promises of the Lord for this people who is more in need than I could ever express to you in words. It is in an hour such as this one that we find out what we really believe.

  3. Archie,
    Thanks so much for posting these letters. We have been praying and are expecting God to bring about HIS purposes in the wake of this devastation.
    So sorry to hear of the perishing of the friends who served Him there.
    Yet, nothing can separate us from His love:
    Romans 8:38-39 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, [39] Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  4. Thank you Duane. Death is a funny thing. You can hear of hundreds dieing with no names and it is bad. Have a name you know on a single person and the value of life seems to increase. Feels like another post being formed…

  5. The news we can share with you at this point is:
    We have received news from Cap Haitian, Haiti, through Missionary Flights International Missionaries, that Cap Haitian felt the earthquake, but there is not the damage, or loss of life that Port Au Prince is currently experiencing. We have not had access to speaking directly with Moise, Alfred, or any of the interpreters, as cell phone towers have been affected.

    We, (James and Barb), had a trip that had been planned, for months, to go into Cap Haitian, at this time of year, for Oak Hills annual Christmas Box delivery from Journey Fellowship’s families, and just as God has orchestrated the last several hours according to His plans, we are able to keep that flight, and fly in tomorrow, (Thursday), as planned into Cap Haitian, Haiti.

    We will be able to connect with Moise, Alfred, and the rest of our native missionaries at that time, and it is our plan, in prayer, to ask that God direct us as He leads us to help in ways that will most benefit the needs of the Haitian people. We will lean heavily on our native indigenous missionary, and his leadership team, and fellow partners in ways of outreach that will be the best. We have had the blessing of serving alongside of Moise Toussaint and Alfred Princilma, and the area leaders for over 15 years, and we will pray and seek ways to help, with aid from our brothers and sisters in the U.S.

    Our “plan” at this point, is to purchase as much food, water, and blankets, as we can in Cap Haitian, as soon as we arrive, to be able to meet the immediate needs of the people. Secondly, we will be assessing how we could partner in taking medical relief teams into Port Au Prince, in talking with area organizations “on the ground”, as well as our native team.

    1st course of action and constant state of being: on our knees in prayer!!!

    We will assess with the missionaries, and also communicate back to you, as we can, within this next week, what God is leading us to and helping us to “see through His eyes”….
    Please be in prayer for our journey, and for all our Haitian brethren.
    God bless, and we will give our native team all your prayers, hugs and love!

    James and Barbara Massie

    Ephesians 3:20-21- “God is able to do far more than I ask, think, or imagine, according to His power at work within us, to Him be the glory forever, Amen.”

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