“Fish oil and the Bible. Who needs it?” ~just sayin’ priest

I'm not real impressed with the thought of taking fish oil to rid myself of headaches.  I'm told that fish oil has an ingredient that is good for the production of seritonin, which a lack of can produce migraines.  I've jokingly said I'd rather rub it on me than to actually injest it.  My wife thinks the fish oil rub might not go over too well in the office.
The need for fish oil and my lack of desire for it, makes me think about my attitude (possibly yours) toward the Bible.  I know there is a need for it.  I know I will be a better person for reading it.  But there has been in my past an unreasonbly small desire to consume it.  Why is that?
Likely, there are many reasons why consuming God's Word does not float very high on our list of priorities.  Probably for most, it is seemingly a lack of need.  We in America are so unreasonably blessed.  We don't deserve all God has given us and yet He keeps on giving.  I wonder how long His grace will last…
Personally I have discovered when times get tough, I am inclined to read His Word more and ask for help.  God responds with love and care.  I respond with thank you and put His Word back on the shelf.  How about you?
I think there will be a time when God tires of America's lack of love for Him.  He is the creator.  He asked His Son to die for us.  He asks us to return His love.  I believe His time of grace is running out…
Where is your Bible? Will you read it today?  Will you read it tomorrow?  When will you read it? 
Like my fish oil, it is time to do with the Word as God intended…
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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

3 thoughts on ““Fish oil and the Bible. Who needs it?” ~just sayin’ priest”

  1. True… just like our bodies need good nutrition our souls need God’s Word. If we neglect either we suffer, and as much as I loathe taking pills and fish oil, I know I have to. I have to literally force myself to down my vitamins daily if I want to stay on track to being healthy. Your post is a good reminder to take the same approach when it comes to God’s Word, regardless of how I’m feeling, whether up or down.

    Btw, when it comes to fish oil I recommend Carlson, the lemon flavor. No fishy taste at all:)

  2. HEB had a buy one get one free on vitamins. Picked ’em up last night. Have dropped suspected triggers in foods and will see what happens….

    Haven’t done the fish oil, yet. Will look for Carlson.

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