Life in the Veterans Administration Emergency Room

You may know I have been suffering.  Whoops.  I meant I have been SUFFERING from a nonstop migraine for about 6 weeks.  I'm not a wimp, but it is getting old.

I am a Viet Nam Era Army veteran.  Applause.  Thank you very much.  I'm kidding about the applause!  The classification buys me FREE medical assistance as my income is considered in the needy range.  You know I am always in search of a fresh God Spot, so I figured the ER would be a great place to hang out and hopefully get some assistance.  The day went like this….

I dropped my wife off at work.  She is the best receptionist a church has ever had.  I headed to the hospital bright and early.  My friend Gerald, also an army vet had shown me the waiting room on a previous visit.  I arrived at 8:00 AM and was #2 in line.  I thought, "Way cool!"

Five minutes later, they ushered me to a back examination room and told me to put on a backless hospital gown.  I thought that odd. I was in for a migraine.  A nurse took my vitals and commented I looked good.  I thought that was nice.  lol

Then, the doc comes in and chats about the nonstop migraine.  He says, "Well, I think we need to calm that migraine down a bit."  I thought ok.  Sounds good.  The next thing I know is the nurse is wheeling in a crash cart with an intravenous feeding tube with bad attached and is reaching for my arm.  Now you probably don't know about me and needles.  Never the twain shall meet!

I mean I dislike them so much that when I was volunteered by my drill sergeant in army basic training to give blood,  I volunteered I had every type of sexually transmitted disease on the list just to keep the needle out of my arm.  I'm laughing now, but it wasn't funny then.  Ha!

So, I told the nurse I had a headache and it didn't require an IV.  He said, I was in an emergency room and that is how they did it.  I said, Well thank you very much, but no thank you.  I was here for a doctor and a prescription."    He said get dressed and sent me back to the waiting room.

12 hours later, I was still waiting for a doctor.  People came and went.  I just waited….

Then, it happened.  God got tired and sent someone to help.  My friend Gerard is a 100% disabled vet.  He knows the system and the system knows him.  He saw me and waved through the glass.  He came in and asked what was up.  I explained my 12 hour wait and he said that wasn't any good.  No way!  The next thing I know he is headed for the waiting room headmaster….  

I see his hands waving a bit, but can't hear anything.  He comes back and says he figures I will get called soon.  Remember this is 12 hours of wait up until Gerard shows up.  About 5 minutes later, my name is called.  huh?!  Gerard is a BIG guy and is known for being a bit explosive at times.  Did I mention 100% disabled?  He apparently told them they needed to do better in treating his friend and it wouldn't be good to "Tip him off".  

So funny!  The doctor immediately took me in.  Not even a wait in the inner sanctuary.  She chatted with me.  Found some meds she thought would work.  Connected me with an appointment at a neurologist and asked if there was anything else.  I picked up my meds at the pharmacy for FREE and made it home in time to catch an episode of MASH.  I thought that fitting for the end of the day….

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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