“Is that God I see living outside the box? Is He OK with being alone?”~priest

Have you ever considered how BIG God is?  I mean really.  God is the creator of the universe.  He is even bigger than that, because He existed before the universe did.  In your mind, imagine the biggest thing you can imagine and God is bigger.  God is not confined by dimension, time or a box.  God is the I AM.  Are you thinking BIG, yet?  Think BIGGER!

Now think about your existence.  How big is it?  Pretty small in comparison right?  Likely, pretty small period!  

I think most of your existence is small because you choose it to be.  I don't think God built the universe with expectations of keeping you and I small and caged in a box.  The correct word is caged isn't it?  No one deep down inside wants to be caged.  We all desire freedom.  It is part of our DNA to desire freedom.

Sadly we find ourselves caged in a box, like a load of chickens headed for slaughter.  Do you know why you are in your cage?  It is easy.  You have attempted to take God with you in the box.  All you know of God is what you managed to stuff in the box with you.  Remember God is the creator of the universe?  Be real.  How much of God can you stuff in your box?

Between you and the piece of God you stuffed in the box, you may never get out of the box.  As you work your hardest at escape and freedom, others in the world continue to stuff you back in the box.  They have the power to control and manipulate, because God the creator is not and will not be stuffed in a box.  What ever god you have in your box is not the I AM.

The good news, life does not have to be lived in a box.  I don't care what anyone tells you.  God the creator, wants to share life with you and the sharing is done by belief and faith outside the box.  

Consider for a moment the comfort of the box you live in…. Do you really think the God of creation would be comfortable in your box?  Might it be possible, that God wants to share life with you "outside the box"…. Might God be waiting for you to take a 1st step outside the box and into His arms?

Surf to: http://www.freshc.org for a Fresh Connection…

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

2 thoughts on ““Is that God I see living outside the box? Is He OK with being alone?”~priest”

  1. Archie, I’d like to post this when deepbreathministries.com goes live! Periodically I’ll be doing something called Blog-Wise where I feature other blogs and share posts that have made me wiser. Love this, and your site!

  2. Colleen. Write me up a piece on deepbreathministries and I’ll post to 37stories or write you own God Spot. Love to share it. I pray God’s biggest blessings on your ministry. archie

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