Is sin the issue or do we just like to see rich people fail?

Benny told ABC he has no misgivings about the comfortable lifestyle – a private jet, fancy hotel stays, and a multimillion-dollar home – he leads.

“Look, you know there’s this idea supposedly that we preachers are supposed to walk about with sandals and ride bicycles. That’s nonsense,” he said.


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

5 thoughts on “Is sin the issue or do we just like to see rich people fail?”

  1. Archie Rhines Speaking of money. There is a great dialog on tithing at
    3 hours ago ·

    Jennifer Rutledge You think he loves money???
    3 hours ago ·

    Archie Rhines Well sadly, Mrs. Benny filed for divorce. I guess we will see what Mr. Benny loves soon enough.
    3 hours ago ·

    Jeremy Bilby Didn’t Jesus have a private jet and a multi-million dollar home too?
    3 hours ago ·

    Stephanie McEntire He leads alright.
    2 hours ago ·

    Jennifer Rutledge Unfortunately the love doesn’t seem too great for God at this point…
    2 hours ago ·

    Tíler Mícheál Ó Maoltuile I wonder what he would say about these guys:
    2 hours ago ·

    Nicholas Paul Hiers …way to expose yourself Benny…now get behind Him…
    2 hours ago ·

    Julie Crisp Corson I agree with Benny’s statement…it’s similar to that of Joyce Meyer. While I dont believe people should be going overboard, be boastful & selfish w/ their money (or material things)…i know that God wants us to enjoy the “fruits of our labors”. Christians should be sharing & showing others that God is good — that is in our speech, actions, etc…why shouldnt that include showing others that God wants us to succeed, have favor, & be prosperous!! What a better testimony than to say/show that God blessed me with xyz. I dont believe God mandated us to live like paupers. I believe that true Godly preachers should be blessed — it is a special position they hold!!
    about an hour ago ·

    Alison Defreitas What part of God wants these overpaid haughty people living off the backs of his sheep…and then go on TV and beg for more money… Benny Hinn and the others like him have gotten away too long with this fleecing of the flock while the flock applaud and cheer them on. Enough already! There is no hierarchy in the kingdom. Jesus did not come to make us prosperous in this world. He said to seek first His kingdom and all other things will be added. This prosperity gospel/Word of Faith crap is a fallacy propagated by these wolves to justify their greed.
    about an hour ago ·

    Joseph Wilson Billy Graham is among the last of the true, real evanglist’s left in the world. He wasn’t afraid to tell people they would burn in hell for their sins. Todays preachers are to scared to say that for their flocks would run off and take their money with them. Most T.V. preachers are nothing more than business men whoring out the words and ways of the bible for their own gain. The bible says people like this have already gotten their reward. Also they have forgotten that the word says that to whom much is given, much is required. Take all these money whoring preachers together and we could end hunger in the world and open up business’s to give people jobs. They have the power and the resources yet they chose to enjoy the benifits to themselves. These people today are nothing more than modern Pharisees and Sadusees (spelling?) who have gotten all they will ever get till they answer for the fraud of a life they have lived. Prospering for your work is one thing and we are to get that no doubt, but to outright take all that people have by distorting the word and using it for your own personal gain is outright horrible. as the word says “whoa to them…..”
    51 minutes ago ·

    Jennifer Rutledge He has shown his true stupidity that’s for sure.
    40 minutes ago ·

    Teri Undreiner WHOA to you Joseph( and I mean it in the “hold your horses way)… Jesus came not to condemn the world but to save it. The gospel is GOOD NEWS.. Therefore, preaching to people about burning in hell would not be good news.. Rather.. he went about speaking of the kingdom, forgiveness of sins, and repentance. Jesus saved the “hell” preaching for the religious of his day. He told people to “come”.. invited them to the banqueting table,and that hell was for the devil and his angels. If we were going to burn in hell for our sins then the cross would be of none effect. He went about doing good, loving the people. Billy Graham has rethought some of his message in his old age. I could preach a whole sermon here but I won’t. We all need mercy not judgement. Sin judges itself and exposes itself, that is why it is so deceitful, it makes you think it won’t “tell on you”. But, just as Saul was knocked off his high horse, so shall the Lord teach all of us in the way we are to go and learn about what we are doing wrong. When the Lord convicts Benny… He will be a new man. Until then…. we are all “doing what seems right in our own eyes”. He has a way of getting to us. With mercy. Grace.
    33 minutes ago ·

    Archie Rhines Thank you Julie for standing for what you believe. God spits out the luke warm. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…. God bless your boldness.
    32 minutes ago ·

    Teri Undreiner I love the prosperity gospel and the word of faith because Jesus taught it. The difference is what He thought was faith / prosperity and what man does to it. He said we would have all that we need and that faith would move mountains. Poor isn’t more spiritual than wealth. We should want wealth so that we can give it away. That is the only kind of wealth that makes one happy.:)
    30 minutes ago ·

    Archie Rhines Thanks Teri. God bless.
    24 minutes ago ·

    Julie Crisp Corson I’m not condoning Benny, per se. But it says in God’s Word that we all must give our first fruits & tithe into His kingdom. Benny’s ministry just happens to be World-wide…so many people choose (or obey God’s voice) to give to his ministry in particular. I don’t happen to be one of them…but that’s me. My question to Benny would be how much does HE tithe or give back?
    It’s those that are not seeking His kingdom that shouldn’t have things added to them. Benny may be one of those people, I don’t know. Some do have things added to them, not by God’s promise but because they take advantage…& they will hit the skids sooner or later for their wrong-doing. Where in the Bible does it state that God doesnt want us to be propserous?! Even though He didnt come solely to make us prosperous…it’s a part of His love/promises for us. He wants us to have abundant life! “Ask & it shall be given, seek & ye shall find, knock & it shall be opened.” “Delight yourself in the Lord & He shall give you the desires of your heart.” “For it is God that gives you the power to get wealth.” “You shall surely give to Him, & He will bless you in all your works & all you put your hand to.” And what about the blessings of Abraham?? It’s the covenant that the Lord took away our curses & gave us the blessings. We are the head & not the tail!
    24 minutes ago ·

    Pam Turner Breen One thing is forsure…benny hinn has a huge following here on facebook…..I spoke my peace to them about my opinion of BH…..less just say…….it didn’t go over too well….they truely believe in him……its very sad…..
    18 minutes ago ·

    Archie Rhines Pam can you post your link to your discussion?
    10 minutes ago ·

  2. Hi Archie;

    Benny will find out sooner or later.

    However in reading some comments and scriptural references thrown back and forth, it is like sitting in a courtroom listening to two lawyers, one trying to justify a loophole in the law and the other affirming the opposite view, each throwing legal references and examples of preference at the other and meanwhile both are missing the point.

    In our legalistic society where everyone who has watched law and order is now an expert on these things, do the same thing with scripture.

    Even Jesus and the Preacher got tired of the damn scribes.

    After a while you just want to turn it off. Life wasn’t meant to be played this way.

  3. Ich, Many of my blog posts are crafted in a search for truth. Yesterday, my wife asked me if I had a problem with tithing or was I just trying to create controversy. I can see why one might consider one or the other were the case.

    But both are far from the motive for my posts, although the series of posts with reference to Benny and tithing are probably the most energetic responses ever.

    The motive for these posts is in search of truth. I find it easier to conclude when I hear a strong dialog on an issue, balance it against what I know to be true and what I feel to be true.

    I am blessed to draw a conclusion today, that prior I did not have. The conclusion is posted at:

    and is “It is OK to tithe. It is better to give.” I know you will at least agree with 50% of the conclusion. 🙂

  4. while i avoid the temptation and responsibility of great wealth,Mr.Hinn should not be accused this way.If he has stolen from you perhaps you should find him and offer him your coat as well.if the body decides he is acting badly,then we must demand he separate himself from our lords work.there are forms for this in scipture.bleesings

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