“once agan. his plan backfired!”~Jo-Lee

A guest post by a young Australian friend from Facebook:Jo-Lee tells her story of finding Christ…

in yr 8. three years ago i met a friend. we were bored in sport, anyway we first started talking and she asked me to walk home with her, so i did. we got to her place and she planned a sleep over for the next friday. she didnt tell me she goes to youth or nothng, so wen she told me i kinda hesitated being shy and all.

it was then that a voice told me to go, so i went. as soon as i got there the leader was talking about repentence, i was lead to the lord straight away. after youth larnie took me outside to her group and started talking about satan and everything. her plan was to lead me to youth hoping i wouldnt come to god, but come to satan.

she looked at me and asked if i wanted to join, i said no and walked off. man she hated me. the group spread all round skool and everythng trying to lure me in but nothng worked.
so i was pretty much lead by satan thru that friend.

once agan. his plan backfired!

Jo-Lee follows with her miraculous healing…

it was last year around the middle. we were on our way evengelising in a small place, Airly Beach, 40 minutes away from where i live. before we left, we went to the aog church, as i come from the baptist church. we always watched an episode of the way of the master before we left, so anyway. we watched that and uncle phill, an adopted uncle gave me a study booklet each week to train me up a bit more. because i had suffered dyslexia, i could not read the sheet. however i could read the bible.

i was given glasses to help me a few months before but never bought them to airly in case they got broken, so for a whole month i made a vow that i would read the whole lot of the six page booklet. we went every sunday, so every time we arrived at the aog, i would try read it.

the first sunday i got a sentence, the second a full page, the third one and a half pages. finally on the fourth sunday, sitting in the middle of the aog floor on my knees i was trying my hardest to read. all of a sudden a presence comes over me and i felt my eyes getting better and better. i read the whole six pages.

uncle phill could only speak three words, “this is awesome” and i couldnt speak at all. when we headed to the car, i found i could read newspapers and everything. i have been reading for nearly two years now. God is truly a healing god… through faith anything is possible.

that day we went out there, there were 7 who came to jesus and about 9 who came bak to Him.

i praise Him each day for he is a miracle worker. be blessed.

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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