Mother Teresa leaves a legacy in Sister Teresa Devlin

I have a beautiful friend in Teresa Devlin.  She is a missionary to the people of Honduras and with the help of a miraculous God, building an orphanage for parent-less children.  She will be quick to say, it is not what she does that is important.  It was what God does that freshly highlights the love He has for His children of all ages.

There are many things that make Mother Teresa special.  It is these special qualities that God finds reasonable to work through.  Teresa has been suffering from a very painful disease for 33 years.
At the age of 37 (I think God’s fingerprint in a number), she first began to have pain.  At the age of 70, she is working to build an orphanage under God’s grace and guidance. Everyday is a struggle as the disease has taken a toll on her body, but not her spirit.
At the age of 56, I wonder if God is about done with me.  At the age of 70, she is working on this new orphanage venture.  I think I may need to step it up a notch.  It seems there are still a lot of years between 56 and 70.
God truly has a plan that is unique and powerful according to His will and purpose.  It is true that in our weakness, He is strong in us.  I thank God for Teresa and her long suffering to do all that God has planned for her.  She is quite the encourager.
If you have read this far, do a couple things. First, pray passionately for Teresa and the people that work alongside her.  She has a wonderful staff that is growing and seeking after the deeper things of God.  I’m told they are even praying for me.  I am humbled.  Then, pray about your opportunity to support this mission financially.
Her contact in the states is through John Walters at Grace Point Church.

To learn about God’s miraculous orphanage venture surf to: and Teresa can be found on Facebook at:

Who knows, you might even want to visit Teresa and say hello for me…

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