“…this is a sleeping world… we look past the things god is speaking to us..”~Jo Jo ‘snap’


Good morning or i guess good evening.


JoJo ‘snap’

morning bro! Hm. night here lolz



have a good day?


JoJo ‘snap’

Hm Hm.

howz ur going? mines been cruisy but good



good. where does the nickname “snap” come from?


JoJo ‘snap’

hehe.. one was because everything i touch snaps.. so they called me snap in primary… also my fav thing to do was snap things.. fav saying.. num num num and snap snap snap im a croccy! lolz!! also because a frend called herself cracklepop.. so in name of rice bubbles.. i went back to snap.. snap crackle and pop!!




see God do anything today?


JoJo ‘snap’

indeed. he has done a lot today.

given a new day… blessed me greatly… spoke many things over people and yea.. so so much! :D how about u bro?



it is easier to ask the question than answer the question. ha..


JoJo ‘snap’





i chatted with a restaurant waitress this morning about God Spots. It was a reminder that God works in our lives.


JoJo ‘snap’

awzmz!!! amen!! he sure does!! :D


JoJo ‘snap’

gods always at work.



Yes. It encourages me when He allows me to see His hand at work.


JoJo ‘snap’

Hm Hm. He encourages in many ways.



how so…


JoJo ‘snap’

welp… thru his word, but also thru wat he says in life… there are many things we look past in this world… wen i look up at the sky and see the sun.. the light shines on me and i know god is near.

there are so many ways.. different from each person.


he even uses people like u to encourage me.



you are wise for your age…


JoJo ‘snap’

glory to god.



it is said the closer you are to God the more you can appreciate the beauty of His creations….


JoJo ‘snap’

indeed. bbut its not how far away u are either.. this is a sleeping world… we look past the things god is speaking to us.



Interesting thought. “This is a sleeping world”. Where does that thought originate?

5:55amJoJo ‘snap’

god spoke to me one night.

there are many dreams an visions i ave.


That must be why I like the thought…

5:56amJoJo ‘snap’

there are a lot of things i wil say that arent of me.

nearly al are of god.


It is said, with revelation from God, requires action. have you found that to be true?

5:58amJoJo ‘snap’

if we claim we ave faith in god.. if we claim that we love god.. we wont speak it.

we will act it.


I need to think about that…

5:58amJoJo ‘snap’

if we love god we keep his commandments… we teach the word… not just with word but actions.

we speak and act.

indeed tis true. we not only need to speak it bbut show it as well.. faith without works is dead.. if we believe somethings gonna happen, we wil work towrds it. is it not the same with faith in god? if we claim we follow him we will show it?


True. What in your life has created wisdom before your time?

6:01amJoJo ‘snap’


he knew me b4 i was born


How so uniquely you?

6:01amJoJo ‘snap’

he knows my purpose

he has a special purpose for all.. there is a difference wit me.. he was wit me all my life.. i was seperated from the world at birth.

he bought me to life when i was born.

yes. i died at birth. the chord had choked me. theres also another reason.. that bein a gift i ave.


the gift of….

6:04amJoJo ‘snap’

wisdom and and vision. the word of knowledge… i ave a bit of many gifts god has given. some more stronger than others.

as time comes there wil be one that comes known to u.. u wil be able to pick it as soon as i speak. this is the one i cannot say as a commandment from Him.

he spoke to me saying theres one il give u. speak to people.. as i bring them to u but say no words about what i have given u.


interesting. God is like that. Full of wisdom He shares and yet full of mystery. To be faithful is little provides opportunity to be faithful in much.

May I blog about this chat in “God Spots”?

6:08amJoJo ‘snap’

indeed that is so so true!! Hm Hm. indeed u can.


so tell me. do your parents believe?

6:08amJoJo ‘snap’


i was seperated from family…


I am sorry. I will pray for your parents.

6:09amJoJo ‘snap’

they disowned me. mums the only one i got.

even she doesnt really catch who i am.

plz do pray


disowned because of your beliefs?

6:10amJoJo ‘snap’

yes. also because i was made different.

mum cant understand me.

i understand her too well..


you have an interesting perspective on life… obviously God given. it is likely few understand you… your depth is not of this world.

6:12amJoJo ‘snap’

there are very few who do understand me… only those who truly believe do.


it seems God gives balance in life. we are made in body, soul and spirit. it seems by observation, that many times when one is strong in one area. the person is weak in another. it seems the physically strong are many times spiritually weak. Would you agree?

6:16amJoJo ‘snap’

amen!! the strong are who r made to help the weak, help them find their strength for none are weak if they are in god for their strength is in god. no madder in body, soul or spirit. if we are strong.. we help the weak also to become strong.

we are all weak from birth

but the mother feeds the milk for the baby to grow and be strong for she is strong herself.

this is what we ought to be like..

encourage one another, lift one another up and help them try new things for trying new things is what helps us find our gifts and strength.

indeed i agree with u in ful.

also.. those who are weak are weak in some things but not others..


the uniqueness of all believers is what creates a strong body.

6:19amJoJo ‘snap’


a deaf man can heal a blind man, the blind man can then share testimony of how he was healed and lead many to the Lord.

we all work as one.

the deaf man may not be able to hear, but he can pray.


And through prayer, he can hear…

6:20amJoJo ‘snap’


when we work together..

even the weak are strong.


yes. even the weak…

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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