“Just an accumulation of posts to facebook that i amuzed myself with…”~just sayin’

Paste one of your favorite facebook status updates in the comments….

Tired, but the grass is cut. I suspect the antelop will be lost and the buffalo will quit playing. Might be the other way round, but the grass is cut.~just sayin’


If you and I were partnering in a business, what do you do well and how would you contribute to the success of the enterprise? Seriously now. Think outside the box for just a minute….


“In today’s socio-economic climate, i think it is time for many to throw the net on the other side of the boat.”~priest


“I want to tell people about Jesus and get paid doing it. Is that wrong?”~priest


“Out of 1700 friends, only 30 on line. I wish I could send an electric jolt to each of my 1700 friends and wake them up on a Saturday morning. It would be a satisfying experience.”~just sayin’


“Am wondering if Benny Hinn has any openings and if so, what would the job look like?”~priest

OK this is a serious question. I am a “Starter”… I am thinking about starting a business. Any ideas from my facebook friends….?


“So the doc says take this pill. The side affect is it will make you grumpy. She says take this pill, the side effect is it will make you happy. So I take a grumpy pill and I take a happy pill. Now what…..”~just sayin’


“Supposing you are the best square peg God ever made. How you liking that round hole?”~just sayin’


“Vietnam was a difficult war. The enemy was difficult to identify. Christian’s are in a similar battle. The enemy is even more illusive.”~priest


“I want to be all God designed me to be in my job. Any ideas?”~priest


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

6 thoughts on ““Just an accumulation of posts to facebook that i amuzed myself with…”~just sayin’”

  1. “I am a starter and creative. I social network effectively and enjoy building websites. I don’t fit in a box and work effectively with no bounds. I have no fear…”~who am I

  2. Well there are 64 online now. The world is waking up and i’m thinking about taking a nap before my bride wakes up and catches me on facebook. lol.

  3. “In the civil war, the rich could pay the poor to fight for them, thus relieving them of their obligation to serve…. this seems to be a trap in the modern day church or is it?”~priest

  4. For at least 3 years it appears Jesus did not have a job that paid for food and lodging… can I move in with you and will your feed me?

  5. Alison Defreitas The gifts of the body is to build up the body. I will no longer encourage others to live off the back of the sheep. So that’s a “No” to your question, Archie. Time for the fleecing of the flock to come to an end. The sheep is being killed.
    I agree that an Ox should not be muzzled while he is working. However, if that Ox decides to eat his way through the grain and consume more than he is producing then it is time for beef stew.
    If you say God called you into a ministry and gave you a vision He will give you the provision. When you feel the need to beg and cajole and manipulate and guilt people into giving to you something doesn’t smell right.

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