“Did Baby Jesus hunt for Easter eggs?”~just sayin’

It is said by many, Jesus likely grew up just like any other child. He skipped rocks across a pond. He ran to catch grasshoppers. He may have collected beer bottles for cash redemption. He might even have engaged in the ageless tradition of collecting easter eggs.

Now some of you probably are offended by me considering the possibility that Jesus collected easter eggs. You are probably angry at the possibility of Jesus going Christmas shopping, also. I think in life just because we don’t like something, doesn’t mean there is not truth in it. I mean afterall, who would have thought monkeys could fly?

There is enough sarcasm and wit included in the 1st two paragraphs to last the week. Right? But the point is …..

All things work together for the good of those that LOVE the Lord. Easter and Christmas are each very powerful times of year. You may not agree with the baby Jesus hunting for Easter eggs hidden in the manger, but you will have missed the point. These two times of years uniquely draw people together for a common interest. Anytime there are people drawn together is the perfect time to let your light shine.

I’d suggest that it is not in the “dissing” of the event that gives you opportunity to speak truth, but in using the event for others to catch a glimpse of you and Jesus in the crowd. Likely, the glimpse of Jesus will come in the form of a smile and laugh from you as you buddy up with others watching the kids skamper for eggs. I can imagine Mary and Joseph at your side.

Authentication of your love for Jesus will be displayed in your enthusiasm at having an opportunity to serve others. In service, you will find your light shining the brightest. Oh and if there is no cussing or drinking in your closed group, you are likely hanging with the wrong people to have your light to shine.

God bless and enjoy the hunt!

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

4 thoughts on ““Did Baby Jesus hunt for Easter eggs?”~just sayin’”

  1. I like this… I used to be hard core on the Xmas and Easter thing. But I’m a mixed bag. Even during my evangelical scripture bashing people days I didn’t go to church on Easter. For me the church were too full of people who wanted to floss their new vines, the sermon was predictable at best, and it was just too much of a hassle. I’d rather chill out at home as it’s pretty quiet normally.

    Now I don’t go to church hardly at all though I just started looking for one, and its remotely possible I may visit one this (cough) Easter. The fact that the church is highly recommended by a friend who attends and Vicky Yohe is singing isn’t hurting my chances… but I digress.

    My point is that I have evolved over time and am a lot more easy going. I see it for what it is. Marketing. Equally true however is something I always have believed – that these are the easiest days for Christian and non Christians alike to wrap their brains around Jesus. At Christmas it’s just a cute little boy in the manger. At Easter, its all about the cross and the resurrection.

    In both cases those Jesus’ are pretty non confrontational in terms of the lives of men. Baby Jesus isn’t telling anyone not to be a racist or greedy. Crucified Jesus is too busy dying to redeem us from sin to bring them up. Thus even the most hardened folk can take a breath and sigh for a moment and embrace the baby or the hippie.

    I have children that are adults as well as pre-teens. The adults never even wanted a tree cause I didn’t get down like that. Didn’t mean I didn’t get them a gift or two especially after it was on clearance. My youngest daughter loved having a tree for the first time. Man who cares in the whole scheme of things. The tree ain’t hurting nothing. Its all about balance, knowlege, wisdom and perspective to understand the little and bigger picture of the thing – the thing you mention here in your post.

    I agree with you – knowlege can puff up – and thus we often need to lighten up!

  2. bbgcmac,
    How’s the song go, “Times they are a changin'” Enjoyed your heart searching thoughts. With time we do change. I hope it is for the better. I don’t know.

    Passion is so refreshing to me. I hope as we grow older our passion deepens for the things that are important and dissipates for the things that have no eternal consequence.

    I enjoyed your thoughts, immensely. I am going to cut and past to my facebook account and point back here.

    Peace, Archi

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