“When taking a step of faith with Jesus at your side, is there really risk in the step?”~priest

Likely, you have seen the somewhat classic movie, "What about Bob?"  Movie star Murray is frightened by everything and goes to a shrink to get over his fears.  My favorite line is when he says, "I'm sailing!" as he is tied to the mast of a sail boat.  That is funny!

James tells us that faith and works go hand and hand.  As a child of the King, you need both to be effective and powerful in your walk.  It occurs to me that their is a third element interwoven with faith and works.  Where there is faith and works, there seems to be a component of risk tying the two together.  

Think about Mary and the risk of giving birth to Jesus.   Think of Moses parting the Red Sea.  Think of Noah building the ark.  Now think of your own life.  Think of the time you stepped out on faith.  You showed faith with works in the stepping.  The step may have been at great risk.  

The conflicting fellow named "Risk", makes me wonder.  When taking a step of faith with Jesus at your side, is there really risk in the step?  It seems to me, risk may be just another way to describe a component of faith that keeps us weak in our walk of faith.

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

5 thoughts on ““When taking a step of faith with Jesus at your side, is there really risk in the step?”~priest”

  1. Excellent insight. I do think there is always a risk in obedience and here’s why; I think back to when the Father sent His Son into the earth to bring forth man’s redemption. God was at His Son’s side and Jesus was acting in obedience to love. But, to me, here was the risk at hand; Jesus had to do what He did as a man, not God. Could He have sinned? Could He have disobeyed? Could He have called those angels down to rescue Him on the cross? Yes. That was the risk. Jesus was not only God on earth, He was the first born again man. I believe there absolutely was risk involved, not on the deity side of of salvation, but on the man side.

    In the same way, every time we take a step of faith failure is an option. Again, not because of the God side of things, but man’s.

    But again, isn’t that what makes our steps of faith valuable? My gosh, Archie, it’s way too early to be thinking this hard! Keep up the good work, my friend!
    Rich Glenn

  2. Thanks Richard. I think you are right on the mark! It brings to mind the thought of infinity. If you cut an apple in half, you have 1/2 the apple. Keep cutting each subsequent piece in half and you still have apple, regardless of how small the piece.

    Possibly, faith is like that to risk. As your faith increases, your risk decreases. Only as God does the risk = zero. As man, I think faith can increase to the point that the element of risk could be considered an insignificant term in the equation of life and subsequently be discarded.

    I like the thought of risk being discarded….

  3. It is something to think about, isn’t it?! Does faith not make the impossible, possible? I believe it does. And while risk may never be eliminated, it can be brought to a state where it is indeed discarded in the mind and actions of the believer. It becomes mentally insignificant when one responds to the Lord. Good stuff!

  4. Most anything we do for Jesus has some risk, I suppose. Is the end result worth the risk? Yes, I think so. There was
    risk every night Dad and I went into the State Prison to share God’s Word. After the first trip “in” we seldom thought about the physical risk, only the joy of ministering to those who needed Jesus was important.

  5. My first thought after reading this was the risk is what we feel is in our physical being. However, spiritually, there is no risk, only security in obedience (not meaning in a ‘works’ kind of way-hope that makes sense). It is a wonderful kind of peace that makes no sense in this place called earth 🙂

    “Love is the root, obedience is the fruit”

    Good day!

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