“Search the eyes of this man. They are the window to his soul.”~priest

Benard Msandu

I met Benard Msandu on Facebook. He is now a friend. Benard does what you and I likely will not do. Benard loves on hiv/aids positive children and adults. He is obedient to the calling God has placed on his life while living in Nakuru, Africa. Benard needs your help.

I choose to “stand in the gap” for Benard. I hope you will, too. Probably, the best way for you to get to know Benard is to read some of his Facebook status updates as God Spots.   His thoughts follow…

Benard Msandu Its amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

Benard Msandu There is this young girl we took to the provincial hospital. She was to go for a lab test, the machines weren’t working so we had to wait. Eventually we got the results after a week. She had leukamia and i was planning to work on her case this week. Unfortunately she has gone with the wind this evening, She was 16.

Benard Msandu The greatest need is often for simple practical help rather than just for comforting words or a listening ear. Wiping someone’s bottom can say more about your care for the person than six hours of sitting in an armchair. Many want to preach to, or counsel someone with AIDS – but who is really prepared to go the extra mile?

Benard Msandu People living with AIDS are the lepers of today. When Jesus touched the leper he made history – still talked about 2000 yrs later. It was the most powerful demonstration of the love of God that He could possibly have shown other than His own sacrifial death.

Benard Msandu The situation of people living and dying with AIDS in the slums and villages of Africa is so desperate that even the most basic help will bring solace and hope. Truthfully, when i see what we can accomplish with money on the ground, its the only time in my life i wished i was Bill Gates.

Benard Msandu One major cause of death to people with AIDS is lack of food when their CD4 count is below 50 is lack of food. If you feed that mother of six children well only for a month or two, believe me she will not die. I have done this and seen the results. Come and see them and hear them testify. After they get stable, they can go back to their work/job.

That mother is going to die of AIDS and that HIV negative child will be an orphan – who is going to bring that child up? I have seen people even with CD4 count of zero shooting upto 300 and above. Just get me the food and i will feed them, so that they get stable and take care of their children. No more orphans.

The posts by Benard all have a similar focus. He loves Jesus and does all he can to show that love to people who would seem to be unlovable. I have chosen to stand in the gap for Benard and pray for God to supply all his needs. I am praying for an abundance of grace upon Benard. I am praying he will find favor in the eyes of God.

I am also praying for you. I am praying you will know what God desires from you in support of Benard. Surely, you will pray for Benard. God might even place it on your heart to give to Benard. If giving is part of what God requires of you, Benard’s contact information is as follows:

Benard Msandu I have heard that moneygram services are good. Maybe that will work. If its ok then they would send to BENARD O. MSANDU, P . O . BOX 2974 NAKURU 20100. Tel +254728579497. E – mail – mybroskeeper73@yahoo.com

You may wonder if Benard is the real thing. The best I can say is listen to your heart. See if God authenticates Benard. Then, surf on over to Facebook and read his status updates. Also, this American missionary vouches for Benard.

Joseph Bail Archie, I am an American Missionary living in Nakuru,Kenya. Bernard is absolutely the real deal. This man has such a compassionate heart/spirit. I am humbled by his zealous love for the least of these of society,the poor the widowed,and the orphaned. Please prayerfully consider helping this incredibly obedient servant. God bless you!

So, I’ve led you to the water. We will see if you drink. An alternative to giving via the moneygram, is you can click the donate button on my iServe Ministry site.

iServe Ministries

I will forward all donations designated for Benard, direct to him in full. I do not have a tax deductible status. You will need to get your tax credits directly from God…

God bless.  Abide in Jesus.



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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

One thought on ““Search the eyes of this man. They are the window to his soul.”~priest”

  1. Hi Archie;

    I agree with Bernard. I had an AIDs victim live in my home near the end about twenty years ago. I was concerned about my wife and children “catching” it, but checked into the disease and found out they would be safe, so we brought him into a “home”. I have known about six or seven others who died.

    It is not a pleasant way to go. Especially before one’s time.

    Ignorance about the disease is still prevalent. Education would go a long way in prevention. However it is difficult to educate people when they live day to day as it is in impoverished areas, without money for food, never mind medicine.

    This world needs a major change. While eyes are focused on “God’s workers” at Goldman Sachs, God’s workers such as Bernard are struggling against a dark tsunami.

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