“Two thousand years later, has nothing changed in the local church?”~priest

It is Sunday and time for the world to get dressed up in their finer clothes and go to church. There is an unseen pressure that is felt and drives one to the place designated as God’s house. For most of the people known as christians, they have lived like hell all week and have chosen today as the day they will put on the appearance of christianity by attending the local church.

Church can be a beautiful thing. People gather together to sing songs written by people who led powerful “Christ center” lives hundreds of years, ago. Songs like Onward Christian Soldiers and Rock of Ages resonate throughout our communities. They are songs we grew up singing as kids and we continue to sing today. It makes me wonder why do we sing songs of our childhood? Has nothing changed within our faith that our songs should not change, also?

I was reading in the Book of John, this morning. Jesus challenges the people at the temple to tear it down and in 3 days He will rebuild it. He is talking of His upcoming death, burial and resurrection. With that thought, He drives all the venders out of the temple and cleanses it with His presence. It is Jesus’ presence that changes a building into a Holy Place.

With the new deal of grace found in the new testament of the Word, Jesus abides in those that believe and those that believe abide in Jesus. When we as believers arrive at the local church, the building is filled with the presence of Jesus. It is a wonderful experience to know the presence of Jesus and felt through the lives of other believers…

But there is a problem that runs epidemic within our local churches. Many people of the church do not live their lives with the appearance of Jesus during the week and expect Jesus to show up on Sunday. They are dependent on the songs of old, because it brings memories of a time when their heart was young, soft and sensitive to the Spirit. Today, they mistakenly misidentify the recognition of song with the recognition of the Holy Spirit.

This craziness of a “one day a week feeling” of an artificial presence of the spirit is further reinforced with a speaker behind a podium that reminds you of your youth. The feelings are remembered of the time long ago when you “accepted Christ” and walked the aisle to shake the hand of the pastor. Sadly, remembering times past does nothing for living a life of Christ in times presence.

If you find yourself going to church out of discipline to attend and only feel the presence of God on Sunday, I suggest you don’t know the true presence of God. Whatever it is you are worshipping or feeling on Sunday is artificial and designed to make you feel better of the hellish life you live in the week. I am sorry for you.

Jesus cleaned the temple two thousand years, ago. Why not once again, allow Jesus to cleanse you and enjoy His true presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….

There is nothing artificial about a true abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

4 thoughts on ““Two thousand years later, has nothing changed in the local church?”~priest”

  1. Frank Viola’s ReChurch book series I think helps explain a lot of why what happens in organized church happens, often times without questioning what they do. For me having read these ReChurch books have helped me better understand the body of Christ and God’s eternal purpose for His people. The ReChurch books mainly include: Pagan Christianity, Reimagining Church, From Eternity to Here, and Finding Organic Church. Frank does an excellent job in his research and analysis given his over 20 years of experience in organic church life.

  2. Hi Archie;

    When a person has faith, it is within on a daily basis.

    I personally find that many things which I allowed as acceptable in my life years ago, is no longer.

    I discovered that by abiding by the spiritual “law” and loving thy neighbor, there is peace.

    Maybe not man made wealth, but peace. 🙂

    We are individuals but also living together on this planet. Some more fortunate than others. I no longer obsess on what was written thousands of years ago, but look at the world today and do my best.

    Regardless of a whether a person is a Christian or not. Christ taught love, forgiveness, humility and tolerance for some things, intolerance for others.

    The church today, is it something that Jesus would condone?

    I don’t know. Too many Churches are organizations, social clubs with a political hierarchy and do it my way or forget it mentality.

    To me a church has nothing to do with building or organization. It is with people gathered together.

    Personally, I think what Jesus represented and taught has been so widely misrepresented people cannot see the truth in his words.

    The president of the United States, many politicians and corporate leaders profess to be Christian. You hardly ever see them doing what Christ taught, or is my imagination?


    Because maybe they believe after they are finished doing what they need to do, they can come to Jesus and “Grace” will follow.

    I am like a doubting Thomas in that respect. However, I do know that following the teachings of Jesus, giving of yourself to others, not holding money as “the Way”, makes for a better person and life.

    Everything else in life is conjecture. Why argue about things no one can prove one way or the other?

    I am happy for people who go to Church and enjoy it. I’m not built that way.

  3. Great word, Archie. And the comments you’ve received up until now are good too. It warms my heart to see so many who want their Christianity to be more personal, more meaningful. The Holy Spirit is moving amongst those who will let Him.

  4. I miss going to my church, but being at my weekend job keeps me in touch with many people in the community. I believe there is purpose for me being there beyond my paycheck. Maybe it is best that I am not able to be in the pew every Sunday. Thank you John for your comment. I have wanted to read FV’s books for some time now… it’s time I order them, because I have lots of questions.

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