I took Jesus to some AA Meetings – He was awesome. ~ Colleen

Not long ago I went with a new friend to several gay Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the love of God for people in such a magnetized way. It was overwhelming. It suffocated any religion in me that wanted to be preachy or give trite bible answers for their big problems. All I could sense was the love of God for everyone in the room. My heart ached for each man and woman. I was fond of every one of them. The sin they discussed wasn’t the focus – only God’s love for them!
I’ve found myself thinking about the reaction of Christ in me that weekend. I was out of my comfort zone. But all weekend I strongly experienced the LIFE Jesus came to bring. Love, healing, forgiveness, power to move forward. It dwarfed what I experience in church most of the time – anemic in comparison. I wondered why. Maybe it was the desperation of the people. Perhaps it was the atmosphere – one that invited God but didn’t attach any preconceived ideas to Him. All I know is it was a holy experience in the midst of worldly broken people.
I sit here with a lingering appreciation of God’s love. I’m astounded by its lavishness. I carried Jesus into a gay AA meeting in Dallas, and He loved every person in the room… in all their mess. 2 CO.5:19 was resounding strong inside me … In Christ, God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting men’s sins against them. And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation.
God’s not mad at anyone anymore. Jesus took all of God’s anger on the cross. It’s that God kindness that leads people to repentance – not judgment. Jesus was kind that weekend. Through me. At the gay AA meeting.
Maybe they came a step closer to changing their minds about lifestyle or faith in Jesus. Maybe not.
Love flowed anyway. He can’t help it. It’s who He is.
I’m so glad.


7 thoughts on “I took Jesus to some AA Meetings – He was awesome. ~ Colleen”

  1. Thank you Colleen, for the post. When we are filled with God’s love, it is seemingly impossible to contain it. The Word says even the rocks will cry out. Pretty cool.

    It seems much easier to judge than love. I wonder why that is? Likely because there is more of one than the other.

    God bless and protect you as you are the hands and feet of Jesus. May He richly bless you with wisdom and understanding.

    Your friend in Jesus,

  2. Colleen,
    these are the very people wants to hang out with. He even said the whores, drunks, thieves, gays? will enter the Kingdom ahead of the ‘righteous.’ The only thing I might wonder about what you said, I don’t think it was Father’s anger satisfied at the cross, that’s not the Father I know. It was our anger and mis-trust that was meant to be satisfied. How could He have shown us any deeper revelation of His unconditional Love? Peace, Skip.

  3. “God’s not mad at anyone anymore. Jesus took all of God’s anger on the cross. It’s that God kindness that leads people to repentance – not judgment. Jesus was kind that weekend. Through me. At the gay AA meeting.”

    God’s not mad at anyone anymore….

    Jesus took all of God’s anger on the cross….

    I’m meditating on that right now…
    Needing to hear it…

  4. Am standing with you bajanpoet. Be strong. God’s not finished with you and you are not finished with Him…. His love and grace is sufficient.. Peace.

  5. Great posts everyone! As God’s love FOR man is progressively revealed TO man so will His love flow THROUGH man and lead us into experiencing absolute freedom.

  6. Skip, what you bring up is such a HUGE subject. Thanks for helping me think deeper about this. From the Father’s perspective… what actually happened on the cross? I tremble to atempt to tackle the answer. It is bigger than I know. I do agree with you that our anger and mistrust was dealt with that day, because God was(angry)violently passionate – against sin – against all the ways we were missing the mark – our anger and mistrust being part of that. Rom. 1:18 tells us He was angry, but the gospel reveals that our concept of His wrath or anger are off base.
    Jesus revealed that the Father is like a prison warden who is so angry at the state of the prisoners that He sends his son into the prison to tell them how to escape, and He gives them the key to his own home so they will have a place to live. Jesus came to teach that the sins that people commit are symptoms of their alienation from God, not the cause.
    My point was to help people understand that God’s violent passion to stop people from living below the potential He created them for has been satisfied completely in Christ. Many Christians I meet are not living under the influence of the freedom Jesus brought. We are no longer alienated, and because the Spirit is super glued to us – we can live in our potential again.

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