“What the heck will I be doing in heaven for 24/7?”~priest

I know someone might take offense at my tongue in cheek title, “What the heck will I be doing in heaven for 24/7?” but I think many of us live life with a very flippant attitude toward eternity.  When we were young we may have bought fire insurance by praying the believer's prayer, but today we are more concerned with getting the bills paid.  Forget eternity for now.  My bills are due tomorrow. Right?

Consider for a minute the significance of your attitude… Early in your life, you acknowledged Jesus died for you, that you would have eternal life with Him.  When you exchanged your life for the life of Christ, you were excited.  There was no way you could contain the good news, right? What happened?  Did God change or did you change?

The scary part of being more concerned with your bills, then your eternal destiny is that it is against God's plan and I think a very "in your face" kind of attitude toward Christ.  I'm not real sure a flippant attitude toward your eternal destiny is a positive indicator of the condition of your heart.  

If as you read this, you are becoming offended, I think that may be a good thing.  Maybe in the midst of your "how dare you judge me!" attitude you might consider if there is any truth to the idea that you have lost your first love…

All really want to say is, "Return to your first love before it is too late.  I believe time is getting short."

God bless and peace to you and your family as you live life passionately engaged with Jesus.

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

3 thoughts on ““What the heck will I be doing in heaven for 24/7?”~priest”

  1. Son, I too, believe that time is short. So many happenings are happening just as God said they will before Christ comes
    again. My time here is shortening also. God is good. I do
    remember clearly the Sunday morning I was asked: “Alta Mae, what are you going to do with Jesus?” I thought about it for an hour or so and made the decision that I needed Jesus in my heart and life. Some 45 years later God asked me if I
    remembered the joy of that experience. I have bills to pay and sharing to do, but I am excited that one day soon Jesus
    will share heaven with me!!!! In the meantime I am His tool to share Jesus with those He puts in my pathway. God is an
    awesome God, and the love of my life.

  2. Alta and Archie what a privilege to know two wonderful people of God. I so hunger for what u have. I love u both and always will. Thank you for all u do for others, VT

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