Can your desire to live, be what is killing you?

“The bulldog-ant of Australia if it is cut in two, a battle begins between the head and the tail. The head seizes the tail in its teeth, and the tail defends itself bravely by stinging the head: the battle may last for half an hour, until they die or are dragged away by other ants.”~Wiki

I first heard about the bulldog-ant on National Public Radio.  I was fascinated with the distinctiveness of this creature.  I am sure those in Australia will testify to the impact of an ant with such a furious desire to live.  It made me think about myself and others.  Do we as humans have such a strong desire to live as the bulldog-ant?  I think mostly so.

I was commenting about this ant on facebook and a friend asked the question if this desire for survival is typified in the local church over some divisive issue.  I think it is a point well worth making.  Churches tend to get set in their ways and there are some people inclined to change while others will die before change can occur.

In the meantime, the activity between the two factions resemble this ant quite elegantly.  The body splits.  The head bites its’ backside and the stinger stings the head.  Death is the predictable result….

All this happens in the name of God.  Where did we as children of the Father go wrong in our passions?  There is but one answer.  We took our eyes off the one that died for us, such that we might have life.  Jesus.

Father.  Forgive us for our self-centered natures…

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

6 thoughts on “Can your desire to live, be what is killing you?”

  1. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this self-destruction on more than one occasion. And brother, does it get ugly. What a great comparison you’ve made here! Godspeed!

  2. Hi Archie;

    It has a lot to do with how we are brought up. What we are exposed to for the greater portion of our waking lives will determine much of our behavior.

    We are an aggressive species as of late. The in your face, self righteous type who goes to a job he or she may not be happy at and suffering under a little dictator as he or she holds power over the “pay” check which is God to most, for good reason. Without the “pay” check the pursuit of happiness and even survival is questionable.

    How can one even contemplate having an ideal church when the rest of the time life is not ideal?

  3. hi Richard and Archie;

    I was thinking about Richard’s recent kidney transplant which has given him a new lease on life.

    His situation negates the bible in my mind and the falsehood of religion.

    Richard’s wife performed an act of true, unselfish and unconditional love by donating one of her kidneys to him.

    This was all made possible through medicine and science working with compassion in mind and heart.

    How can one reconcile the fact that the old Testament and New condone murder, genocide and so many other affronts to life with what is not only possible but being performed today?

    Richard’s wife is a true example of love and compassion. He is a fortunate man. Those who have made it possible are also loving people. Yet in learning how to do these things, people have suffered and died.

    If the religious had their way, this transplant would never have been. They would be waiting for Benny Hinn to lay hands and cure the ailment, and we know it is not really possible.

    Thank you Richard for sharing your story, as it has opened my eyes to some truth on this planet.

  4. We are made strong in the strength of Jesus Christ. Much of the history of mankind has attempted strength through religion. Jesus Christ is not religion.

    The strength of Richard and his wife are found in Jesus Christ. The wisdom, knowledge and understanding of a relationship with Jesus can only be enjoyed through revelation of the heavenly Father. Without this revelation, the intelligence of mankind falls short, no matter what the IQ or experience.

    Understanding of the written Word of God is possible in depth only through revelation. Without inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it becomes a historical record book with little impact other then the sharing of solid principles to live by. I suppose it might be true that, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

    God bless you Ichabod. I pray for you often, much like I pray for family. May the love of God and His Word, be an integral part of your life.

  5. Hi Archie;

    I appreciate it as I know your heart is in the right place. To me, that is the only important thing. 🙂

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