“…almost 100% of the people they prayed for instantly healed.”~Jim@Joburg

Hi everyone .. we are in Johannesburg South Africa for a few days.  As you know, we have been working with Immigration in Moz for the last 3 months trying to get our paperwork approved so we can begin the process of getting permanent residence.  Just this last week our paperwork finally came back approved.  What we must do now is go to the embassy here in South Africa and submit the paperwork along with payment.  Then we are supposed to get our passports stamped so that we can stay in Moz until everything is finalized.

Nothing happens quickly here .. but that is OK.  Papa has it in control.
I think we have a little more freedom to talk about things via email though I am not completely sure of that…so we are not quoting any dates or names or places .. but awhile back we had an interesting time in the bush.  We were in a village quite some distance from the base .. a long ways in fact … and saw the Lord do many miracles there.  Twyla’s team that went out in the early part of the day saw almost 100% of the people they prayed for instantly healed.
Late that afternoon I received a phone call .. which was miraculous because our cell phones were not working well .. we were a long ways from the roads where the cell towers are … but anyhow we received a   phone call that evil was intended and we must pack up the camp and move immediately.  (The call came from our founder)  I gathered the teams together … the mozambican pastors and workers with us gathered the camp and in about 15 minutes we had loaded 35+ people ..tents … gear .. food etc. and were on our way to another village.
We drove for some time to another place and pitched camp in the yard of one of the local pastors..We found out later that things got ugly that night where we had been and that 2 people were killed.We do not talk about or write about these things much … but please know .. YOUR PRAYERS ARE HELPING!  Because of you all praying and working together with us in the Holy Spirit .. we have been supplied with what we need when the need arose.
We do not send “fund raisers” or “appeal” letters.  We look to our Father .. Papa God … Who said He would take care of us if we trust Him.  All we ask is your continued and sustained prayers. Because of your prayers we have avoided traps set by the enemy .. whether literal or spiritual.  It is easy to get discouraged or worried here because of economics and poverty and ignorance … but because of the Spirit of God and your praying with us and for us we have been spared depression, discouragement and worry.  And we know we shall continue to be spared as long as we continue to seek Him.
I would ask that if you ask about or comment on ‘troubles’ here in return emails, please use guarded language.  It is best not to speak too directly of such things.
Thank you so much for standing with us.
Much love from

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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