When is the last time you looked into the eyes of a dead soul and said, “God loves you. I will pray.”

I have a friend Darrel who is passionate to care for those less fortunate.  God has positioned him in one of the poorest areas of Fort Worth, Texas.  He is pastor to those who have no pastor.  I find it interesting that most men of the cloth feel called to the affluent areas, not so much to the dirt and filth of the inner cities of America.  I think when God finds a man willing to get dirty, He smiles in a really big way.  

I'm not saying the rich don't need Jesus or that a clergy's call to preach in affluent America is not legitimate.  I am saying, I find it interesting that it is as tough as hell to get a rich person to heaven.  Maybe that is why the clergy spend so much time trying to save the rich (sarcasm intended).  The poor and hurt are ready and willing to listen to the beautiful message of Jesus dieing on the cross, but I think  few clergy are talking their direction.

Darrel is different by every stretch of the imagination.  This week, I spent a couple days with him.   I wish I could describe the love that passed between Darrel and God's people.  It is a love that feeds life to the heart of a broken people.  The seed of hope is planted.  Time and love will produce wonderful fruit pleasing and acceptable to God.  That is time and love will produce hope for some…. the rest are dieing…

Who in their right mind would listen to God as He called you to minister to people who have nothing to give materially.  It totally blows the business plan..  Who would listen to a call that put you and your family in harm's way?  Would you listen to a God that had you invest time, energy, love and resources into someone that would ultimately die?  None of this ministry calling makes any sense and yet it makes all the sense in the world of God's love.

After having picked on the clergy of the world with no denomination in mind, it is only fair to ask the question of you…. "When is the last time you looked into the eyes of a dead soul and said,'God loves you.  I will pray.' "

If you'd like to help Darrel from a distance or up close and dirty, Facebook message me.  Archie Rhines…

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

2 thoughts on “When is the last time you looked into the eyes of a dead soul and said, “God loves you. I will pray.””

  1. The job for ALL disciples, especially proclaimed pastors, is to breathe God’s Word and His love to the spiritually dead. That is God’s love and His command. The evidence is God’s love overflowing in a vessel wholly dedicated to Him.

  2. Thank you John. Indeed, breathing God’s Word is life itself. I’m not sure proclaimed pastor’s have any deeper responsibility to share the message of God’s love. It is for all believers to share…

    Although I could be wrong… 🙂

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