“Living outside the box requires God and guts!”~priest

Guest Post by: Aaron David,
Father had me wait for a man today. He was filled with demons and…. when he left he said he was going to the graveyard, to stay. I don’t understand what happened. I feel like I may have failed so bad it cost someone eternity. Father is totally comforting me but it still feels like great loss.

It was a very hardcore experience and I’m pretty confused about it. Was this a lesson? What is the lesson? I’m glad I don’t know the man. I keep thinking about what I could have done differently.

July, 26 Ten days later….

After I came home today, after some hours, Father told me that I was to take my tent and go wait for a man who needed it. I thought I knew who He meant so I went and waited for him. I found a place in the shade and prayed silently for a couple of hours, then I saw the man I had thought Father meant the tent for riding a bicycle towards me. I stood up and waved to him but instead of seeing me he turned away. I called to him but he didn’t hear. I tried to follow, I wasn’t far, but I turned the corner and he had vanished.

Tent in hand and knowing I was wrong about who it was for, I crossed the street and sat on a bench beneath a tree. I closed my eyes and sought a Word. After a few moments I opened my eyes and right across the street was a figure walking slowly North with a filthy green blanket draped over his head so that I could not see a face, I should have been able to but there was nothing but blackest darkness under that blanket.

I felt the anointing wash over me, this was who Father had meant! So I made a bee-line across the street, by grace I wasn’t hit, and called to him; “Excuse me.” The figure turned and the blanket fell away, It was him! It was the man who said he was going off to die!

He looked at me and, with dim recollection through tormented eyes, asked me, “Have I talked with you? I talked with you before?” “Yes, we have talked before.”, I replied. I held out the tent to him and he asked what it was. I said, “It’s a tent, Father told me that a man I was to wait for needed it, that man is you.”

Thank you, he answered, and then told me how badly the insects (strange creatures, he called them) in this desert had been attacking him at night.

He told me that he had 42 cents and some stamps, asking if I would take them in trade and get him a little food. I told him to wait and I would return with some food.

When I got home I asked Father what I should return with. I packed some food, soap, razors, deoderant and a roll of TP in a bag and returned. I wanted to bring him something to dring but Father said: “No.”

The whole walk I was praying for guidance, eager to pray for this afflicted young man. But as I sat with him and he ate Father made it clear that any spiritual ministry was to remain silent, that I would only frighten him and that his demons would drive him away in torment again. So, I waited with him as he ate and gave him what small comfort my company was able to as I prayed for him in my heart.

Then the young man stated that he was very thirsty, that he needed water. Since Father had said not to carry water in the first place I told him that Alsup’s would give him water. As he just appeared confused at that and other local suggestions I realized that I was to return home and get him water. I didn’t understand, but I obeyed. As I was returning home a Sister, Carie B. pulled in front of me and said ; “Hop in!”

I told her what was happening and she drove me home to get the water. As I was walking out to her car with the water I began to feel a holy prayer well up in my spirit and as I sat down in the car I received understanding. “Where two or more are gathered, there am I.”

Father knew what He was doing, He wanted two of His children to pray for that man in one accord with His Holy Spirit. Daddy don’t play!

God guided us in wonderful and prophetic prayer that this young man will not only be saved, but will be used mightily by Father God. Father also anointed that water to begin a healing work in him.

As we pulled up to the bench he was on we saw that he had shrouded himself in that blanket down to his toes. Carie remarked at the obviousness of his demonic torment. It was an awful picture but we had peace in Christ, knowing this man was being saved. No one apart from Christ would ever be capable of any hope at all, let alone the sure hope that my sister and I now share for that young man.

The lesson I learned is this; hope and faith are perfectly reasonable in every situation because God is in control. Thank You Father God for being our Holy Father God! Thank You for saving us from such darkness!

I hope this blesses you as much or more as it has me with even more ridiculous faith in God Almighty to redeem. And I know He will because Father would never be cruel to my heart, or anyone’s. God is no sadist, no matter what the scorners may say. God is Love.


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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