“Last night was a crazy good night at SCC. It usually is. “~Darrel

Sunday night at Southside City Church

by Darrel Auvenshine on Monday, August 16, 2010 at 7:43am

Last night was a crazy good night at SCC.  It usually is.  We never know quite what is going to happen.  We’re only 2 years old and honestly we are not the most organized group of folks.  If you’ve ever been to SCC you know that already.  We usually start late etc., but it is the most “real” experience I’ve ever known.  So here is a short insight to the awesome craziness of 8/15 at SCC.

Several of the folks who normally help give rides to people were out of town or not coming to church last night, so this meant that only a couple of us would be available to pick up.  Sometimes when we get to the mission (UGM or Salvation Army or Samaritan House) there are only a couple of people to pick up.  Not so last night.  The first trip over, Linda and I picked up two full car loads.  (this was after the first trip to pick up a family of four) oh and Jennifer and Laura went to East Ft. Worth to pick up Jeannie and her 5 great grand children….

So at UGM we pick up two car loads of guys who normally come to SCC.  Second trip I went alone and picked up one guy at UGM, then on to Salvation Army to pick up our friend Wallis.  Wallis invited a family to come.  This family is not living in the Shelter, they are “camping out”….a 2 year old/mom and dad.  So while we were loading them up, putting the stroller in the truck, another gentlman walked up to the truck and asked, “where are yall going”.  I said to church.  “Is there room for me”.  ANSWER:  We will make room.

So Aaron moved to the center of the front seat and Jackie Brown hopped in.

I dropped them off at the church and headed back toward UGM for Vince and Rick.  Except they weren’t there.  They had missed a bus and were about 8 miles north of UGM at a convenience store, waiting for me, with a bicycle.  Good news is I had borrowed Bubba’s truck to pick up the guys because I was low on gas.

We headed back and arrived at the church 40 minutes late for service.  I walked in on the last song of worship to applause and headed up to change clothes for baptism.  We baptized Christie (recently gave her life to Christ after being miraculously healed from near death sickness).  She is so in love with Jesus!  She wore all black for the baptism, and came out afterward wearing all white clothes.  (She had no idea I was preaching on I Peter 2.  ‘”We are called out of darkness and into His marvelous light”.

Confession:  I was a little frustrated that  I was having to do all this driving and picking up.  I allowed a foolish attitude and even told the Lord, “Jesus, I’m the pastor.  I should be to church on time.  I really need to preparing my heart to preach the message….not driving around town picking up people.”.  WRONG!  the Holy Spirit quickly corrected me.  “Darrel, Shut up!  Just drive.  You don’t HAVE to be to church on time…and Iti’s my job to deliver the message to the hearts of the people, not yours!”  I stand CORRECTED.  AND HUMBLED.

So the night gets even better.  After the message, several people prayed to yield their lives to CHRIST!.  Hallelujah!  I offered baptism and guess who took me up on it.  JACKIE Brown!  Now here is the funny part.  Jackie wasn’t prepared with a set of dry clothes…the baptistry wasn’t warm, so he was getting into cold water.  Natalie went up to the clothing closet to find dry clothes his size, but he decided to just wear one of the baptismal robes….so he steps into the water….”ohh pastor, this water cold”.  one more step, ohh..it’s really cold…..don’t rush me now….oh pastor, i’m afraid my “STUFF” gonna shrink up”…(YES HE REALLY SAID THAT).  I’m thinking, let’s get under the water quick and get out….He confessed Christ Jesus as His Lord and I baptized my brother with joy and praise!

QUote on the way out of the water:  “If the water in Hell is this cold, the Devil ain’t got nothing to worry about”.  LoL.

So we all enjoyed our weekly meal…great stories, lot’s of laughter and then it’s time to start taking people back home to the missions etc.  Thank you Linda and Steven, Jennifer and Laura for your help.  Ride back to the Mission.  Jackie Brown:  “Pastor, I apologiize.  I shouldn’t have said that about my “stuff” in the baptistry.”  All the guys and me, LOL!  I said, “BUT You did, Jackie, but you did”  and it’s just fine.

I pulled up and Wallis got on out of the truck.  Jackie said, “pray for me pastor”.  So I did.  He told me he don’t live in the shelter.  He lives under the bridge.  Will I see him again next Sunday?  I hope so.  I pray so.  I believe God has a wonderful plan for Jackie.  Just as He does for all of us….

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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  1. I wanted to leave an update. Christie who we speak of in this post, is now with Jesus. December 31, 2011 she saw the One who saved her, face to face, and received her forever healing. She lived the year and 1/2 to the glory of God. We will miss her.

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