There is time to talk. There is a time to go.

I have a friend in Africa that feeds and cares for those less fortunate.  Most are hungry and little to eat.  Many have HIV or AIDS.  Some are children who inherited the disease through no fault of their own.  Benard is in need of funds to purchase food and medical supplies.  Maybe you are his Egypt and I am his messenger.  Comment if you’d like to help in a very practical way.

Benard Msandu

I once worked for a bishop who kept on telling me to ask God for my salary at the end of the month. One day when i was starving, i went to his house to ask if he could buy me some food, he gave ‘omo’ the powder soap to go pour into boiling water and it will turn into food in Jesus name. I tried, but ended up having bubbles. When i told him what had transpired, he told me that i had little faith.
Archie Rhines

There are practical aspects to our faith. Although God does not NEED you to do anything, He prefers working through those that get up and GO. Find your Egypt and GO there to RECEIVE God’s blessing.

“When Jacob learned that there was food in Egypt, he said to his sons, “Why do you sit around here and look at one another?”~Genesis

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

7 thoughts on “There is time to talk. There is a time to go.”

  1. Hi Archie;

    There are well over a billion on this planet in want of food.

    Some of them have all the faith a person could imagine, but manna is not falling from the heavens.

    They are still starving.

    Their faith may enable them to shoulder the burden better in a psychological aspect, but not in a physical one.

    God gave us brains. We see what our brains can do for us when we put them to use. God did not give us the ability to think and reason in order for us to not think and reason.

    Believing and not doing anything else won’t get you far. That is the danger of “faith” for many, believing God will do it all, when there is a requirement for us to shoulder some of our own existence.

  2. This man is a Bishop in the church there in Africa? And he gives this brother soap telling him that if he has enough faith it will turn into food? This is the type of thing that drives me to take a long walk on a country road. I pray that this innocent brother finds a man or woman of God who can give him practical teaching and wise guidance. It is not unbelief to couple some common sense along with faith. I can pray for some fish for dinner but chances of them jumping out of the lake and onto my plate are zilch. I have to go and cast my hook into the water. That is practical faith. “Father, please help this dear brother, in Jesus’ name.” Amen!

  3. Hi Richard;

    What do you expect when these people are told the Bible is the word of God and look at the miracles within?

    Manna from Heaven, raising the dead, parting the Red Sea, creating the flood, Samson’s Strength, healing the blind, walking on water, calming the storm, razing the walls of Jericho, turning humans into pillars of salt and feeding the multitudes with a few fish and loaves of bread.

    So a person takes it literally and believes.

    Jesus said faith will move mountains. It will if you have earth moving equipment.

    On the other token, in times past, mankind did phenomenal things and built edifices with stone so massive and finely honed down without the tools of today, and even then it is not a simple task.

    Ropes and slaves were not the answer.

    Maybe the man of yesterday possessed something we do not or have forgotten with time.

    I don’t blame him for believing. I blame those who teach people things they cannot verify as true but maintain it is.

    If he believes the miracles and they are not true today, that is doubt. If they aren’t true, what about the rest?

  4. Whether or not you believe in miracles is your business. Explain ’em away all you want, makes no difference to me. I know miracles do occur. And what do I expect? What I expect is that anyone who has been elevated to a position of Bishop should have enough life-experience to know this man did not need soap for dinner, he needed food. Practical faith should always precede miracle faith. There are a lot miracles recorded in the Bible but that doesn’t mean one should go around trying to duplicate them. In these situations there was usually no other way out. Obviously I don’t know the whole story here but the last thing Christians need to do is throw fuel on the fires of those who can’t seem to believe. Perhaps this Bishop had no food to share, I have no way of knowing. Maybe they are both hungry. Another thought, who is responsible for teaching this “Bishop”? And who oversees his teachings to the people? The whole situation just makes me very sad.

  5. Hi Richard;

    You and I are in agreement over one thing, the situation is sad and most people who live on this planet realize there are laws of physics and such which prevent these kind of miracles from occurring.

    However, look at the Benny Hinn healing miracles he performs on stage and people buy into it.

    He is not the only one. The book says it is possible. I used to believe that too. Was I naive, stupid or maybe under the influence of brainwashed people?

    Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter who or where you are, the fiction passed down affects someone who is desperate.

    That I think is dishonesty and not right.

    I no longer believe in physical miracles. I do believe in spiritual ones.

    If we are not affected with some kind of disease like schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, dementia, manic depression or brain shrinkage because of old age, we may be able to change attitudes, which is a miracle. 🙂

    These people who are affected don’t need salvation, it is probably noted in their spiritual chart somewhere they are not responsible for their actions.

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