So you accepted the Word, when will you reject it?

I was reading in Luke about the seeds falling on different types of soil.  Jesus says the Word is the seed.  The seed is planted in the hearts of many.  For some, there is immediate rejection of the Word.  For others, the Word is accepted but short lived.  The ones my heart go out to are the people who accept the Word and run with it for an extended period of time, only to hit difficult struggles in life.  In the midst of struggle, beyond their ability to cope, they reject the Word they had previously accepted.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect all believers will experience this type of life and death struggle.  Some will accept the struggle along with the Word and be driven deeper into their faith.  God will choose to reveal Himself in the midst of the struggle and one’s relationship with the Father will be deeper and sweeter than anyone can imagine.  The trick is getting through the struggle, being faithful and receiving what the Father has waiting….

For me, the key to embracing the struggle and experiencing all God had waiting was in acknowledging I was in the same place David had been when he penned…”yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death….”.  Ignoring the place that you are is self defeating.  It is the acknowledgement that you are in a dark place and the only way out is by the Grace of God and good favor of Jesus Christ that will bring light.  With light the darkness is dispelled…

So today if you are the one in the darkness, embrace the suffering.  Cry out to Jesus.  Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and look forward to Christ’s illumination of the darkness.  As David said, “…. I will fear no evil, for though are with me.”

Read Psalm 23… Pray on it.  Meditate on it.  Read it again.  Read it again.  Pray it.  Then keep on reading and praying… The light will come… You will never be the same… I guarantee it!

Enjoy the day!


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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