Be Extravagant in your Gifts…

Yesterday, a friend gave me $20 more than was deserved.

This morning it is about 27 degrees F. There is a man and his wife standing on the street corner selling papers. I looked for change to give them as a blessing. God said give the $20. I thought I would really like to keep it. I whistled at the guy. I didn’t buy a paper. I gave him my $20.

Be extravagant in your gifts. Jesus is extravagant with you.

Facebook comments follow:

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Cassandra Booker GOOD MORNING, YES HE IS !
23 hours ago · Like

Archie Rhines Good morning Cassandra! Enjoy the day!
23 hours ago · Like · 1 person

Rick Reed AMEN !
23 hours ago · Like

Al Newberry Amen. Definitely the thing to do, especially if you felt the Spirit prompting you to.
23 hours ago · Like

Federico Garcia Great job my friend…where there story good
22 hours ago · Like

Archie Rhines Merry Christmas Federico! Be safe… keep the truck out of the ditch…
22 hours ago · Like

Benard Msandu Amen!
21 hours ago via Facebook Mobile · Like

Alta Rhines I’m sure God approved. God will bless each of us as we share what
God supplies. God bless you and family today.
20 hours ago · Like

John Schulze Yeah it was a cold one in south Texas today, also what was the guys reaction Archie?
20 hours ago · Like

Colleen Holloran Foshee’ Like I said on my blog today…. Jesus comes … and stays after the 25th. {{hugs}} for letting Him out like that Archie!
20 hours ago · Like · 2 people

John Schulze Has nothing to do with Dec 25th Colleen. Today if you will hear his voice, and not harden your heart. Just sayin~
19 hours ago · Like

Archie Rhines Hey John… I had the twenty folded up tight, so he had to work at seeing the denomination. The light stayed red. He got it unfolded and with his toothless grin said a sincere, “Thank you!” I said to bless his wife with it… He smiled even bigger. He said he would and pointed at her on the opposite corner.

I think God was pleased. My dad was a great teacher and and my mother a wonderful encourager. Giving has become easy…
10 hours ago · Like

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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