How fast do you run from a homeless person?


I drove to my Starbucks office to work on websites this morning.  It was a bit brisk, but sunny and bright.  I parked and looking off in a distance I spotted a homeless man.  It is pretty safe to label a person as homeless if he is laying on the concrete under a bridge, in a drainage culvert and visibly shivering from a few hundred yards away.  I pondered going down to see him, but i thought i didn’t have any money so the trip would be fruitless.


I went into Starbucks, got me a nice hot coffee and orange cranberry scone on my Starbucks gift card.  It made me smile, put me in a good mood and for a few hours i was quite productive at work.  I was working on a website to help a nonprofit business succeed.  They had been quoted a couple thousand dollars for the job.  I said i could do it for a couple hundred and here i am… close to being done and broke.


Now i have been accused of writing about adventure in life in a prideful way, because it may seem like it is all about me.  But you know, it isn’t all about me.  It is all about Jesus.  I want to share what Jesus abiding in me is choosing to do for other people.  I want you to know His abiding, also.  Possibly though my experiences, you will be encouraged to let Jesus abide in you and assist you in working out your faith.


That was my disclaimer in telling you i was broke, because it impacts the homeless man and i hope it impacts you.


I packed up my laptop and headed to the car.  Can you imagine, hours later, the same homeless man is sitting in the same culvert, under the same bridge.  He is curled up rocking with a large beer bottle to keep him company.  Then the though hits me.  I have an emergency $10 in my wallet, along with the phone number to my bail bondsman.. That’s another story, all about me and meant for you… i am smiling…


I climbed down the hill and into the drainage culvert.  I passively walked toward the underside of the bridge, because it looked like he was thinking about running.   As i got closer, i unfolded the ten dollars and knew he would stick around.  When i reached him, i gave him the money with no expectations but hoping he would get something to eat.  It was the money that bought me the privilege to sit down across from Robert and tell him about a God that loved him.


One thing i have discovered.  There is no wrong way to say Jesus abides in you and wants to show His love for you.  It doesn’t take scripture, although there is power in the Word of God.  Robert just needed to know God loved him… God did not require him to quit drinking or smoking to get close.  God wants to love him today, just like he is.  Dirty.  Shivering.  Huddled under a bridge in a drainage culvert.


The whole meeting took less than 5 minutes… i shook Robert’s hand and we exchanged hugs… as i drove away, i wondered how God would choose to pay the rent this month.


So some will say, this story is all about me.  I am hoping you see past that thought and consider it may be all about you.


God bless and enjoy the day.

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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