Much like Earthquakes are inevitable in Japan… a Tsunami is inevitable in our Life.


I have been following the tragic episodes surrounding the largest earthquake ever to hit Japan and the 4th largest in world history.  The effects of the disaster have been catastrophic as seen through the camera's eye. As bad as the scenes are displayed, i am sure the emotional suffering placed on the people of Japan far exceeds any physical loss.  

Life is like that.  We as humans are made like that.  We live our live with hopes and dreams which never include disaster.  We do the best we can to achieve our dreams and inevitably  disaster strikes.  We did not plan for it.  We are not equipped for it.  It just happens no matter how hard we try to avoid it.  Even as God does not choose to love one person any more than He chooses to love another, disaster strikes all with an equal passion of hate.

Some will say disaster is just a freak of nature. I disagree.  God did not design a defective universe.  He did not design a world with built in fault lines that inevitably will create disaster.  I don't believe you will find defects in God's blue print of the universe.  There is perfection in God's plan.  The defect has to come from the forces of evil.  There is no other reasonable explanation.  

This logic applies to the life we live.  We dream positive dreams because God is a positive God.  He places wonderful positive life fulfilling dreams in your heart and in your mind because He loves us and wants us to enjoy the abundant life He has designed for each of us.  I believe His plan is a perfected plan, with no defects.  

Sadly the forces of evil have other ideas for our future and actively work to create defect in God's plan.  Only by the grace of God do we survive the hate owned by the forces of evil.

As you look at the devastation being experienced in Japan, consider the heart of each of the people in the midst of this catastrophe.  Pray for God's grace on them.  His grace is sufficient.  

Even as you pray for the heart of the people of Japan, consider your own life.  Consider the catastrophe you have experienced or are currently experiencing.  Despite living life the best way you knew how, you are suffering.  I am with you.  The suffering is not from God.  God's plan is perfect and He desires it to be perfected in you.  God's plan is full of love.  In the midst of your suffering, embrace God's love.  Stand firm in it.  

Be confident God sees your suffering and did not work it into His plan for you.  He hates it.  He desires you to live a full life wrapped, comforted and provided for by His extravagant love.  So in the midst of struggle, pray continually.  Trust God for His love and press on.  

Just as earthquakes bring tsunami, the waves will die down and life can be restored by the grace of God in the midst of His love.

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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