Osama Bin Laden Made the News for the Last Time

Luis Rey 

My brothers and sisters, I understand emotions and feelings are high in the wake of this news. However, quite simply, Jeff you have taken great liberty in building an argument that was not even present, then accusing me to teach a "false do


I made no appeal to "mourn a killer", nor in any way did I use Scripture for some "ethereal rant." Quite simply I stated that Jesus died for Osama Bin Laden and that God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked…whether through execution or natural causes. If God does not take pleasure, why would we? Neither does He take pleasure in the loss of life of the righteous. 

This true message is a "heart check" for many people who have rejoiced at bin Laden's death claiming that he got what he deserved. Do not forget that you are not receiving what you deserve only because of the grace of Jesus, as He has taken what you deserve. Does it offend you that Jesus would have mercy on Bin Laden too?

God does not rejoice at his death even if it "supposedly" saves lives. What if his death incites his followers and they become more violent and kill more? Has God's wisdom now been found lacking? I tell you no, His wisdom is not man's logic. 

Zach, my brother, let us not try to pull our brothers into hypothetical traps that only ensnare men and insinuate men to be cowards. Peter said he would never deny Christ, but he did. Men don't always know how they will respond in a situation, even if they think they do. Let us not bless God then curse men with the same tongue.

My friends, the argument here is the difference in opinion of how the United States and any other government for that matter, would or should handle things compared to the Kingdom of God. Do not confuse the US government to be God's Kingdom. 

Why do some of you paint God as one who is out to "whack" people? You do not know what Spirit you are of, for the Son of man came to save men's lives not destroy them. 

Do you not remember those upon whom the tower fell in Siloam? Do you think their sin was greater than all the men of Jerusalem and that is why they died? I tell you no. 

Several of you comment on how Osama rejected Christ and must now face judgement and hell? How do you know, and are you the judge of that? 

I fear that the religious spirit will drive people to be more disappointed in who is not in Hell. 

What is the message that we send when we say as a Christian that we are proud of killing our enemy? We say the same thing the terrorists said on the day they flew into the towers. 

Quite simply, Jesus died for Osama bin Laden as He did for all mankind. We may be thankful that we "feel" safer tonight, but we know that to be an illusion, and in fact, the very opposite may be true. We ARE thankful that this man brings no more terror to anyone. But…I will not rejoice in the bloodshed of my enemy. 

If you want to comment further on this post, remember that the people you are writing to are not an enemy hidden away in some cave somewhere, that they are real people. Please don't assassinate each other's character with your words…


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

5 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden Made the News for the Last Time”

  1. Luis, The same scripture came to mind when I heard the news. God does not take pleasure in it. But, I did thank Him. Perhaps it is because I spent 7 years in our military. And my pray is that our “soldiers”will be used of God to accomplish His righteousness. We should also consider God’s use of Babylon and be cautious about our thoughts and words concerning these issues.

  2. Sorry, To clarify. I did not thank Him for Bin Laden’s death, but thanks that we have forces who are so well trained, Navy Seals, that they could carry out a mission like this. Remember David, “you have trained my hands for war” BY YOU “I can leap over a wall and run upon a troop”. I don’t recall David gloying in this, buy giving God the praise and honor for it.

  3. Hi Luis;

    An interesting post.

    “God does not rejoice at his death even if it “supposedly” saves lives.”

    We don’t know what God thinks or not, we can only know what we think.

    Jesus was a peacemaker who told the truth the way he saw it, whether the recipient of the words liked it or not.

    Jesus replaced the ear of the fellow who attempted to take him in.

    I think that the concept of guilty until proved innocent and a trial to ensure justice is done is something that should be extended to everyone if possible and no “executions” be allowed until that trial is done. If he is killed in self defense, that is another thing entirely, but he was apparently unarmed.

    I think this process differentiates the good guys from the evil and should be adhered to.

    What I see happening now, are a lot of deaths on both sides of the fence with innocents being caught in it.

    Do we really know who is guilty of a crime called terrorism and who is not?

    I think Jesus would have demanded proof. But that is just my opinion….

  4. Our real enemies are on the payroll, governing us into bondage and death. Those buildings imploded perfectly. A 20 story building takes months to rig that way. One tower imploding from a plane hitting near the top…. a bloody miracle more astounding than raising the dead! Two in a row? Benedict Arnolds are running things now. Have been from the inception of Amoralca, actually. Just the same filthy masons who needed numbers to establish a pure luciferian nation, one founded upon the philosophical musings of athiest faggots who created “democracy” to make every man a god, and found that beguiling Christians en masse and preaching them into a murderous frenzy by offending their great pride was pretty easy. Just like today, nothing changes but the faces.
    Please wake up, brethren. The only reason those picture weren’t released is because Bin Laden’s corpse was on ice waiting for this bit of theatrics to be employed by your handlers and any first year medical student would know it. Don’t believe me? Then believe the Word. Read Ezek. 30&31 in the Hebrew, for starters, and then just try to go back to believing that the churches haven’t been all but utterly hoodwinked for hundreds of year, just like those filthy mason have so often boasted in their own writings. And, btw, the Vindicator rejoices forever at the eternal destruction of His enemies. Word says that He LAUGHS at their eternally bitter fate and says His children will too! “I am a God of War.” I have a glorious army!” ~ Almighty God. Why are Christian men convinced they have to be touchy feely wussies to follow Yeshua? Brethren, grow some balls. If you don’t, you certainly won’t be returning in glory with Christ Jesus to annihilate the wicked and pile the corpses to the sky while singing God’s praise with a joy none on earth have ever come close to before! I, for one, will certainly rejoice over Babylon!!! WOOOOYEAHHH!!!! It Isn’t the same at all! Who picked the fight? Who hates truth? Sorry, no comparison can be made between the tares and the wheat. One was made for burning, period. That’s what God says and I’m totally in agreement with Him, Yeshua, my Lord and my God. Shalom

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