“If you don’t get it right… I will whack you!”~God

Carrot and the Stick

I have lived a life knowing of God's love and believing in God's wrath.  It is much like the carrot and stick in real life.  Some people will 
encourage others with a carrot or a promise of reward for performing some task in a manner meeting with their approval.  Others will threaten with a stick or some threat of retribution if one does not do as they demand.  

Both scenerios are performance based and how we live most of our life.  My impression of God likely  is much like the carrot and the stick.  If I do good, God rewards me.  If I do bad, God whacks me.  This performance based relationship of God is endorsed by most of mankind.  I have pleaded with friends for the possibility of an alternative view toward God, but no one really wants to listen.  My friends are comfortable with a reward and punishment relationship with the Father.  It makes me wonder if because this is there expectation, maybe that's what the Father gives them. 

Over the years, I have begun to appreciate the love of God more and fear His wrath less.  It would seem from the carrot and stick principle I would be falling on the side of leading a life based more on God's love than His wrath and that would be partially true, but it is more than just an enhanced appreciation of His love in exchange for me "doing" good according to His will.

It has occurred to me God did it all when Jesus died on the cross for my sins and your sins.  There is nothing you or I can do to be worthy of Christ's love.  As matter of fact, I don't think there is anything you or i can do to make God love us any less or any more.  God's love is without measure and withheld from no one.  His love for you and I was authenticated by what Jesus did on the cross.  

It is this gift of love God has given us that negates the carrot and stick  principle of God's performance in your life.  Consider if you might the largest thing imaginable and then realized God's love is bigger.  If God's love is so big, how big must the stick be to whack us.  I think the thought of a stick this big is ridiculous and yet mankind readily believes God whacks us to get our attention.  

One can not endorse the concept of God whacking without acknowledging He is whacking Jesus.  As a believer in "The Way", Jesus abides in you and you in Him.  I believe all the whacking was done on the cross and now God draws us to Him with His love.  His love is dimensionless, unmeasurable and uncontainable.  His love wraps around us and abides within us.  

His love is all we need to be drawn to Him and readily enthusiastically praise Him.  It is in our response to His love and He is Gloried.  It is not what we do for Christ, but who we are in Christ…

We are a child of the King, robed in His righteousness and fully loved beyond our imaginations.  It is with His love in our lives, He has no desire and no need to once again raise His stick in an expression of wrath.  Today we are the recepients of His love expressed on the cross through Jesus Christ who saved us from God's wrath.  


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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

3 thoughts on ““If you don’t get it right… I will whack you!”~God”

  1. Actually, the “whacking”, alongside instruction, or “Torah”, is actually the Comforter that Yeshua promised to send, a truth and necessity for salvation long buried under thousands of years of apostasy ever since Rome decimated the brethren and usurped the gospel for satan, but that era is ending now!
    Just read Psalm 23 and pay attention to exactly what 2 things of God comfort David… because those two things are “the Comforter.”
    Here’s what’s been all but lost. 1. We are not free from the wages of sin as every lying preacher preaches today. We are free only from the chains of sin. God is holy and just and only holiness can survive His presence. Word says so. We are to repent, which is not a word we speak but a thing we do. 2. “In Jesus’ Name” is an invocation, also witchcraft. It is not a thing we say, it is a thing we ARE. Family, adopted, having the actual authority of God’s name. Did the Apostle yell, “COME OUT!” in vain? No, being chosen grants authority. Just like the signet ring given to the prodigal son.
    3. “God chastises those who He loves”, and I won’t entertain the “God loves everyone” doctrine of demons, and His Word calls those who are not made holy by whacking and teaching, His rod and staff, in this breath of a life, “Illegitimate children.” His Word, so grumble at Him, not me. His love and saving grace are exactly what you are, however unwittingly, mocking and scorning in your lack of wisdom and carnal revelation of doctrine. God isn’t a man and His ways are higher, as His thoughts are loftier. Without His mind all preachers and philosophers are fools.
    In the end it is my testimony that the rod and staff of God is the great comfort of my life. They prove three things to me. That I am loved by God. That I am chosen to be a son of God. And that I’m not going to hell. What greater comfort could a man have? So, please be careful what you may suppose because even casual questions can do grave damage and teachers of God’s Word are held to the highest standard of all. It was with just such innocent sounding questions that Eve was led to the sin that caused all the death and suffering that has ever existed. To fall into the hands of the living God is a fearful thing. Please see Psalm 118, because David said that severe chastisement is the gate through which the righteous enter. This is confirmed by dozens of Scriptures. So, I pray you will bind yourself the the horns of the Altar, to present yourself as a living sacrifice and thank God for His rod, so that you might trade ashes fore beauty in the furnace of affliction, the baptism of fire that Yeshua’s Spirit, as He promised, provides to all those who believe and desire to obey. Who will be made holy and actually be saved. That’s the gospel first received, accept no substitutes, they can’t help any and time is shorter than you know and hell is very real. Shalom

  2. Everyone not currently awaiting hell or breathing at all has immense favor in God’s eyes, Archie, because that’s what all justly deserve. Just one of the many gospel truth’s written for all time which mankind (mostly) does not love. Shalom

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