Jesus Attends a Medical Marijuana Gathering… huh?!

Guest post by a friend of mine:

I have an update on ministry in the medical marijuana direction…I've been going to a Patient Grower Network lodge, and just looking for those GodSpot opportunities…they come along here and there with each othering, but that was not the cake God has in store…this lodge is probably about the most legitimate example of how the medical marijuana program SHOULD look…it is a social network, and they do a lot for real patients, who are in real pain and suffering…they function very much like a church SHOULD function…interestingly, this lodge used to be an Eagles hall prior, and was originally built as a church…:)

…so, I've been getting to know the people that are connected to this place, and God showed me that to chew on for a while…(very relevant flashback) my dad was a music teacher, and a regular teacher towards the end, but he laways loved music…music was always something he influenced on me…of course, my parents (most likely just my mom) wanted me to be in the band in school, and reluctantly I did that…when I was in youth group as a teen, my friends and I were in the church band…I played bass because I hadn't started hearing music at this age, and I labeled my self "the whole-note bandit"…well, that was a long time ago, and music dropped as an interest or routine in my life…

…slowly, I started, not just listening, hearing music…knowing it more and more so to speak…I didn't play any instruments over the years, but I seem to enjoy making structure with finger rhythms…back to now here, there's a guy who volunteers to help run the lodge, and me and him are around the same age so we got along well…he also had his guitar, bass, and drum kit at the lodge…he liked to play, and one day asked me if I wanted to jam with him…so I ignored my social anxiety and self analysis for once and played the song my heart heard…then he says to me, "ok, you're in the band too"…what?…apparently, they had been looking for people to be in the band, this guy has lots of musical talent, and I just happened to be that guy to add too…long story shorter, we now have four members, and THIS IS GOD'S HOOK/LINE/SINKER: 3 of us started in youth group bands…WORD…:)

…added bonus, this last weekend I was able to share a big chunk of Truth with one of the lodge members…this lady had so many legal/institutional thoughts stumbling her vision, that I knew as it was happening that was just a taste of what He can do…very Filling

…anyways, I'm pressing on, as a member of the lodge band, and there might be the potential for other venues (we've been asked to come play a few places now, but we're not quite comfortable as a group yet)

…just wanted to let you in on where He is working me these days…I definitely would have to say Word on this one Arch, later…

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

One thought on “Jesus Attends a Medical Marijuana Gathering… huh?!”

  1. What else will we try to validate Jesus to be acceptance of rather than HEALING which He will easily do if we only just believe. Love you!

    Trust Him to do just what He said and He is which is the word.
    He sent His word and healed him.

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