“It took a TIDAL-WAVE of calamity to re-arrange my life.”~Robert Rutherford, pastor

I remember the season of life when I answered the call of God to lay down my rituals. Father longed for me to spend time in His presence…. but, I was too busy performing my obligatory duties as a Christian and a minister. Every day…. I had a list of things I did, because other great men of God did them….and, told me I should. I was greatly admired in my sphere of influence. An example to the believers! BUT… Inside.. I was cold and empty.

I was told, from time to time, by messengers from Father, that I was more involved with religion, than relationship… but, I refused to believe it! I wasn’t DOING…. ANY of the BAD things my flesh craved and longed for. I was RESISTING temptation, and DOING all of the GOOD things that were expected and required of a well-balanced Christian. But… I felt FAR away from God.

It took a TIDAL-WAVE of calamity to re-arrange my life. After the dust settled…. and, after I finished blaming God….. Satan…. Others…… Myself….. I, finally found a Peace and REST I had never known. In the stillness of doing NOTHING FOR GOD…..I stumbled upon a great truth concerning His abiding presence…. and, His willingness to saturate me in His Unconditional LOVE.

It was hard for me to get it through my head… that God, neither NEEDED me…. or, WANTED me to climb back on the treadmill of WORKS. He whispered in my Spirit… ” Stop doing anything you feel obligated to do.” These simple words changed my world.

I learned how to say, “NO” to the GOOD things.. just as I had, previously, learned to say, “NO” to the BAD things. It was a great BLOW to my pride… when, I realized my GOOD… was no better than my BAD. They were BOTH products of the TREE of GOOD and EVIL… and, I had been SO BUSY at THAT tree…. that I had cut myself off from the TREE of LIFE!

It took some time to re-adjust my thinking. Many friends viewed me as BACK-SLIDDEN as I RE-GROUPED. While I was NOT in Attendance at all of the religious services and rituals…. I was finding a new way to live in the SPIRIT! I was learning how to LIVE in the presence of God. Before… His presence was like a visitor that came by to bless me.

I found out that the invitation was for me to DWELL there!! It was like trading an occasional glass of water for swimming in the ocean!

Are you empty, inside? Are you going through the motions… doing what is expected of you… yet, NOT feeling the fulfillment you desire and need? Maybe you will hear Him whisper, “stop doing anything you feel obligated to do.”

Maybe YOU will climb off the treadmill of expectancy and “disappoint” your “Christian inspection team.” Maybe YOU will TRADE religion for relationship. It will make your life WORTH LIVING!!! Fall in love with HIS PRESENCE… and, the LOVE you find, there… will motivate you, from the INSIDE…. to DO… and, BE what you are called to do and be.

He has an AMAZING LIFE planned for YOU…….. DON’T MISS IT!!!! RR

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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