Pray to see things we’ve never seen; hear things we’ve never heard so we can do things we’ve never done before.

Posted by my friend, Jim Taylor, The Pemba Cowboy.

March 12, 2012

Kris Valloton speaking:

It’s been a learning journey for us (Misha, Kris' granddaughter, and Kris). Misha said, “This is the best week of my entire life!!!”

Prayer for spirit of revelation, to see things we’ve never seen; hear things we’ve never heard so we can do things we’ve never done before.

Iris is a great example of just this: titles don’t matter. When Jesus promoted His disciples, He called them apostles, not priests, rabbis, patriarchs, or prophets. He called them apostles. Apostle was a philosophical term . . . “to be sent” AND “To be sent from a place to another place and to make that place look like the place you are sent from,” like “when in Rome, do/act as the Romans.”

There is a difference in solely conquering lands and acculturation. The Romans would appoint some of the generals to not just conquer but to “change the culture.” Jesus promoted them and sent them with just this prayer . . . “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, They will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Do we live from earth toward heaven, or the other way round . . . from heaven toward earth?

From earth to heaven . . . we will always be living in reaction; from heaven toward earth, then prayers become prophetic declaration and our words become/are creating worlds (creating circumstances).

Apostolic prayer: pray this way . . . that it would be on earth as it IS in heaven. Our ministry is to bring heaven to earth  . . . to bring His kingdom wherever we go, until the kingdoms of the earth are the kingdoms of His kingdom. The goal of our ministry is that we would bring what we see in our heavenly place to our earth . . . no sickness, crime, etc. Iris is one of the best examples of bringing the kingdom that he’s seen in the world . . . we aren’t just bringing food, but the kingdom. And THAT is exciting!!!

Can always be looking at what needs to be done . . . example-outreach . . . always room for more kingdom, but at the very least they are starting to have a kingdom mentality. Ways that kingdom changes society . . . we call them our revivalist graduates . . . teach them and send them out, thinking “You are going to change the place that you are sent to.” They return discouraged. As a father, it’s hard to see them suffer like this. Encouraging picture of a boiling pot of water and a refrigerator . . . boiling pot of water put into the fridge. We think that the fridge will get hot. On the contrary, the boiling pot gets cold. There is an ecosystem all its own in the fridge . . . “new” concept in sending out . . . Instead of going, why don’t we apostle/send them?

What’s the difference? When someone goes, they are independent. When someone is sent, they are interdependent. There is still resourcing, connection.

Back to vision: plug in the pot to the electricity. Counter culture . . . the fridge and the pot each have powering systems. The next level . . . how to unplug the fridge. How do we unplug the ecosystem of the fridge? How do we become the culture, not just influence it, but actually change and become the operating system?

When those that we’ve trained stay plugged in, it is a good thing. But when we can then transform the culture by taking the power out of the existing culture/kingdom powered by evil, it is better.

Another example . . . human trafficking. If I rescue them but don’t teach them something else, it only perpetuates the problem. We are dealing with the problem/symptoms . . . which is fine, but we cannot expect this alone to solve the issue.

God is sending us into the culture in different ways. Evidenced in 6 ways in the Old Testament:

1.  Joseph and Daniel – friends with kings; transformed countries through honoring kings

2.  Elijah and Elisha – hostile relationships with kings; changed countries from the outside in

3.  Jonah – to the unsaved

4.  Hosea and Amos – prophesied to the people, not the kings; created people movements (“Grass roots movement”) that then changed culture

5.  Nathan and Gad – became friends with King David – helped king personally; not connection with the people

6.  Kris can’t remember at this point . . .

John the Baptist – before he was born, it was prophesied that he would not drink wine and have no razor to his face. He would have only one message – REPENT! He didn’t need any notes!!! Jesus born six months later, makes wine, goes to weddings, drinks wine, called a friend of sinners and a drunkard (But was definitely NOT a drunkard). Jesus went to parties, hung out with sinners, ministered to women. John preached in the wilderness.

When Jesus meets John, He asks him to baptize Him. “I can’t do that. I am not even fit to untie your sandals.” Jesus’ reply, “It is necessary.” John, who preaches repentance, is baptizing the only one who doesn’t need baptism for repentance. (Jesus had no reason to need this baptism.) Immediately, the Father’s response is to send Holy Spirit . . . who REMAINS!!!

When you can honor the ministry of another who does it differently, when you can honor in a way that recognized the difference in calling (inside the walls, outside the walls), something happens and the Holy Spirit comes and remains. Jesus honoring John’s ministry was the first example of this.

Iris in the beginning stages of bringing heaven to earth. John the Baptists, Daniels and Joesphs, Nathans and Gads, Jonahs . . . lots of different faces to this ministry working toward the same end of transforming culture!!!

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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