As soon as the last jesus was said, the room went peaceful and I fell straight to sleep…

Guest post #2 by Sarah Rook

The surgeon took me through corridors, down stairs, twists and turns until we came out in the adults emergency room who knows why he wad there? But thats where they said was the closest spot to work on him.

The surgeon ran in and the nurses surrounded me, one of them had tears in her eyes as she was telling me what was happening and how she’d let me know every couple of minutes what would happen. The hospital staff were overwhelmingly amazing. I felt cared for, as if they really cared. I knew God cared and why he sent me these people…these amazing strangers.

I was away from home – 4 1/2 hours drive, so I had to wait for my husband to drive up the next day, so had to do this in Gods strength. The cool thing I’ve learnt about God, is he never expects you to do anything but just be. He doesn’t expect you to be on your knees begging or praying…he takes care of things without a word. He’s going throu your pain too.

The nurse came in and told me kyle had been revived again and after about 20mins I was able to see him. It was pretty horrific seeing my adorable, happy boy with every tube known to man coming out of him, and somehow seeing every one of his drs he had…and what seemed like every other specialist in the hospital made me realised this was a lot more serious than last time.

That night I was given the death speech many times. They talked about putting him on a heart and lung bypass machine, which would mean he’d need a full lung and heart transplant. Later on they said they’d reconsidered as if he went on he’d never be able to come off and the chances of getting a heart and set of lungs are slim.

That night I went to bed exhausted but so grateful Jesus had come through again. At 11:30pm I got a knock on the door to say he’d gone into arrest again, but they’d revived him again. I went to see him…he looked deathly. Grey and like he was about to go at any moment. I went back to bed as I was feeling weak. After two hours I fell hour later I was woken but I couldn’t breath..something was on top of me strangling me, I tried to fight but I was paralyzed, then I realised it was the old enemy trying to have a go, so I yelled “Jesus” – instantly I visualised a massive glass been smashed. I opened my eyes and everything was pitch black, but I saw demons flying at me…ugly as hell.

I quickly text mum as I knew I was dealing with a spiritual battle, she had woken only moments before and started praying instantly. I found out my pastor had woken at that exact time and prayed for us for an hour too. I decided to keep the light off as I knew Jesus is much brighter than the darkness. I quoted scripture…everyone I could get out, then I felt I had to say the name Jesus over and over…as I did this I could see things flashing before my eyes and realised every time I said Jesus that was them going…20 jesus’s later….lol

As soon as the last jesus was said, the room went peaceful and I fell straight to sleep

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It is the desire of my heart that God be Lord of my life. Life’s experiences have killed the old man and God is building a new creation in me. I look forward to experiencing the new man God creates in the old vessel known as Archie via "God Spots".

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